GoDaddy and Transfer Issues

We wanted to give our customers a quick update on the status of domain transfers associated with one of our competitors, GoDaddy.

First, we’re very sorry that some of you in the past 24 hours have experienced delays in transferring domains over to us.

As many customers have recently complained of transfer issues, we suspect that this competitor is thwarting efforts to transfer domains away from them.

Specifically, GoDaddy appears to be returning incomplete WHOIS information to Namecheap, delaying the transfer process. This practice is against ICANN rules.

We at Namecheap believe that this action speaks volumes about the impact that informed customers are having on GoDaddy’s business.

It’s a shame that GoDaddy feels they have to block their (former) customers from voting with their dollars. We can only guess that at GoDaddy, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Don’t worry – each and every transfer request will be processed manually by our team. Every request will go through. We won’t rest until everyone who wants to join the Namecheap family can do so!


***Update 12:45 PT – GoDaddy has confirmed they have finally unblocked our queries. The transfer queue is being cleared and all transfers should go smoothly from here on. Many thanks to our customers and supporters for bringing this issue the attention it deserved!

Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall has issued the following statement:

Whether it was “rate-limiting” or something else, all we know on our side is that GoDaddy was preventing us from conducting normal business with our clients, and in turn causing harm to our reputation and at the same time overloading our support channels.

In these situations, clients do not know who or what is causing the issue, so naturally they turn their frustrations on us and our support.

We were quite confident after significant analysis that this issue was not on our end, and after the issue had persisted for more than 24 hours with no response from the other party, we made a blog post clarifying what we felt was causing the issue. This was done mostly to inform our clients so our support team would not have to explain this situation over and over and could focus on actually helping people and manually pushing the transfers through.

Let me repeat, our number one priority is taking care of our clients and making sure that they are 100% happy with our services. Anything that prevents us from doing our job is not something that we will take lying down. You better believe that we will do whatever we have to do in order to deliver what we promised each and every client when they signed up with us.

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  1. Thanks for the update and transparency guys! Much appreciated. Half of my transfers went through, while the rest are pending. No biggie, glad to hear you guys are working on it!

  2. As a possible relevant point (but possibly not) I transferred a domain into Godaddy last week and the whois information that now shows is mangled and does not match the previous information. Could this be a related problem?

    This is a domain I moved /to/ godaddy… they’d have no reason to do this intentionally.

  3. It seems like the .org and .info domain transfers went through fine but the .com and .net one are being held up. Don’t know if that’s the experience that others have as well.

  4. You’ve nailed it. I’ve moved from them years ago because of their unprofessional business practices. Shame on them.

  5. I bet now they would ask their customers to show an ID proof to verify their residence.I have several fake address whois with them.They can stop they transfer of such domains

  6. I started the transfer of my 4 domains, one made it through but the rest are in this BS whois limbo. It’s pretty sketchy that I can do a whois on my domains and get all the info just fine, but NameCheap can’t. Sketchy as in, I probably should have expected nothing less from a class act like GoDaddy.

    … Just another reason to feel good about making the switch!

    Hey, NameCheap – would it be at all useful if prospective transfer customers included the output of a WHOIS on their own domains along with their orders?

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  8. Is GoDaddy staff completely stupid or what? Don’t they realize that the more they act against their (former) customers’ interest, the more the uproar will grow?

    This is revolting. I will make a mission to inform every one I know of their deceptive practice.

  9. It’s a shame that GoDaddy is preventing their customers from having the freedom to move/transfer their domains. They’re probably doing their best to find a loophole through which they can hold back their customers which they’re losing because of their unusual rejection from being a support of SOPA/PIPA even though there’s no clear assurance.

  10. It’s about time. GoDaddy is getting everything they deserve. On my one and only occasion of dealing with them, I checked a domain name with them which they told me was available.

    On deciding to shop around, I found that GoDaddy had ‘kindly’ reserved the name for me, so I HAD to buy it from them.

    The sooner they GoBroke, the better!

  11. hey @Namecheap..thank you for the update..
    Keep the transparency guys…Namecheap rocks and GoDaddy go to hell..:D

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  14. This is probably a bug in their system related to high load of transfers, as opposed to a malicious act to deter outbound transferring.

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  16. Thanks for the update; I was wondering why only half of my most recent batch of transfers went through.

    Is there anything we. as customers can do? Perhaps lodge a complaint against GoDaddy, or call their customer service lines?

  17. I thought they said this had “no impact on their business”.

    Fortunately the way I’m doing things is making it easier for me, as I just signed up for a new domain and hosting account, which is already set up, so I can start moving the website over while the domain gets transferred (and I don’t care how long this takes, as long as it happens).

    And thanks to the NC staff for making this work, it speaks highly of the team

  18. I don’t think this is surprising that they would do this. I agree that it really does speak volumes about the type of business they run and is a prime example of why I no longer use or recommend godaddy.

  19. This is most likely just some rate limiting that was tripped. Accusing them of malice aforethought without hard evidence makes you come across like… GoDaddy. Please don’t make me regret my transfer over to you guys!

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  24. Thanks for the information and for being proactive. I also appreciate you attitude that the customers are actually important to the survival of your business and responding accordingly. I’m definitely impressed so far.

  25. Wow, you guys are awesome for looking out. I began transferring from GoDaddy (3 days ago, pending transfer status from GD) to you guys (new customer — based on excellent recommendations & your stance against SOPA) and already feels like we’re gonna be best friends forever. Keep up the good work.

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  29. This is horrible! I transferred my domains in the middle of this and approved the transfer on godaddy’s side but it hasn’t shown up on namecheap’s side. My websites are down and when I do a whois my domains say they don’t exist. Where are my domains?!

  30. Thanks for the update NC!

    For a long time, I’ve been feeling that GoDaddy uses underhanded methods to gain and retain business. This proves that I was right!

    I’ve initiated the transfer of 9 domains to NC and about half of them have gone through. I’ll wait (impatiently) for the rest.

    I also have some clients who want to make the switch as well. I’m thinking that I should wait awhile and let NC catch up with manually inputting the backlog first.

  31. Tim, GoDaddy confirmed that our IPs used to process transfers have been unblocked. They did not provide further information.

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  33. ICANN’s registrar system has a data field that allows you to provide an IP Address or range of addresses for whitelisting.

    Have your person at NameCheap who has your ICANN login update your ‘whitelist IP’. so this doesn’t happen at other registrars.

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  37. After reading godaddy’s response, it strikes me that namecheap’s sleaze factor isn’t exactly zero either. Specifically there ARE very legit reasons to throttle access… and if you really used it as a PR opportunity rather than contacting them.

    Still planning on leaving godaddy… but after dealing with them I’m looking for boring technical competence, not the nerd online PR version of fake boobs on the super bowl. And the update at the end of this post reminds me of godaddys SOPA reversal…

  38. I’ve reported GoDaddy to ICANN about this. I suggest others do the same. We shouldn’t let them get away with it.

  39. Hi Steve,

    I understand that a number of publications have received a note from GoDaddy’s PR team saying that “to the best of [their] knowledge,” we hadn’t reached out. This is quite untrue as our upstream technicians had made attempts to reach out directly.

    That said, it was known for almost a full 24 hours that we were blocked from having the transfers go through. In efforts to be fully transparent about the delays which were greatly upsetting to our customers, we posted this after reaching out to GoDaddy as we had no response.

    We updated this post long before any publication came out with GoDaddy’s PR response to say that GoDaddy did confirm that they unblocked us. We wouldn’t have known that if there was no communication.

    I can now confidently say that we’ve been able to process thousands of transfers since we were unblocked and should be up to speed by later tonight.

    We truly appreciate everyone’s patience and apologize for the delays that impacted our customers.

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  41. Thanks for the update and transparency guys! Much appreciated. Half of my transfers went through, while the rest are pending. No biggie, glad to hear you guys are working on it!

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  44. How about enticing us with a great bulk transfer rate? Seriously, I have 1300 domains at godaddy. Many come up within 30 days. Your standard and transfer rates are above theirs. Publish on your site a killer transfer rate and you will clean up. I agree with you on SOPA. I cannot trust someone like godaddy that is so ready to let the DOJ sieze sites when members posting member content may put something in a forum. I do not trust godaddy and their tight, tight relationship with the DOJ.

  45. Hi John,

    SOPAsucks is a coupon code for $6.99 transfers (up to 10 uses per account). You can then transfer using coupon code BYEBYEGD ($7.99, unlimited uses).

    We also add one year domain privacy for every transfer for free.

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  48. I guess that’s what I have to look forward to when I transfer my domain over today! But that small annoyance is all worth it if it means getting away from GoDaddy and going to NameCheap :)

  49. Initiated transfer from Godaddy on Friday for 4 domains. Got Godaddy notice to approve transfer on Monday evening. So long GoDaddy.

  50. I have had a problem today attempting to transfer domain names, but I will keep on until I am successful I am sick and tired of the crap I have had to deal with and I am done with Godaddy,

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  53. Godaddy requires you to confirm the transfer in their control panel as well as via Namecheap.

    I had every one rejected during the sale because I was not notified by GoDaddy that I had transfer notices waiting for me to be approved in their domain panel.

    Even Yahoo with their $35 ripoff renewals doesn’t make you go through that.

    TO:  NameCheap chief executive & everyone at your help desk.
    FROM:  Happy current NameCheap customer.
    RE:  Surveillance societies & police states and, oh yeah, GoDaddy.
    DATE:  Wee hrs AM Tue. 12/27/2011

    Thank you all for being yourselves (from somebody who switched from GoDaddy a couple of years back).  Don’t change an iota about your liberty instincts and your good customer service practices.  You guys rock!

    Happy 2012!



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  56. I’m so proud of Namecheap! Nothing cheap about their moral obligations to defend freedom of the internet and its users! Stand up guys!

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  59. I transferred away from GoDaddy almost a year ago after having constant issues with their hosting and horrible customer service. My sites were always going down, and if you use a form mail on a site hosted with them, they “filter (as in trash) any mail sent through it originating from a yahoo, msn, or gmail account. Say good bye to your business!

    When I cancelled my hosting with them, it took me 3 hours to teach their support people basic reading and math to ensure I got the full amount I was owed back.

    The recent bs they’re doing is just one more link in a long chain of horrid support and even worse business ethics. I am happily awaiting the day GoDaddy goes down in flames. I only wish I had known there were options besides them when I started so that I would have never used them in the first place. There are so many better options that are not surrounded by controversy and bad service.

  60. This is just turning into more and more of a PR nightmare, which is great!

    Hopefully, the longer people boycott Go Daddy, the better chance there is of SOPA making it into mainstream news and politicians will eventually have no other choice but to veto it.

  61. I would love to see you put a counter up showing how many domains get transferred from Gobaddy to you every day. Or at least tell us soon after December 29th how many get transferred on that day :)

  62. I use Dreamhost and am having the same problems. My first transfer went through fine in about twenty minutes. Others are not going through, two hours later.

  63. Transferred 8 of my domains over, it’s the least I could do. This is ridiculous, I hope they die fast and hard.

  64. I don’t know whether this is against ICANN rules but when I try to get the WHOIS of a domain in godaddy, to look for contact associated to a domain, they’re going to show you a link to godaddy -> fill in a CAPTCHA -> show you more ads -> more ads… etc…

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  67. I was wondering what was taking so long. It’s a shame Godaddy supports SOPA and performing such conducts. You guys rule for doing all you can. I can wait, no biggie.

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  71. Justin, we should be all caught up — delays are normal now and not due to any blocks.

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  73. After the queue process my result. Godaddy still denied the transfers. Working with their support to try to find out why.

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  75. Thanks for the update!

    I can understand the need of GoDaddy to protect its database by DDoS attacks but surely they should know the verified IPs and namespace of NameCheap….

    I am glad that this has been resolved. Thanks for all your hard work.

  76. I just transferred my domain now without any issues that shows that everything has been sorted. Great job guys.

    I will never use Godaddy anymore.

  77. I have transferred many domains from GD over the last few years as their service record has gone to pot, and issues like ‘random’ shutdowns of domains have increased rapidly. The last few are moving now, regardless of how much time they had left on them (in the past, I moved only as domains reached maturity). I’m happy to say I moved the first of several to NC today, and the process was smooth as I followed the KB carefully (unlock, EPP, approve, etc). I had a question about the status, and Alina L answered in Live Chat in under a minute, and was able to look into it, responded accurately and quickly, and provided a much better CS experience than I’ve had from GD in years. Very happy to have moved, and I’ll do the balance of the moves on Friday now that my ‘test move’ went well. I’m happy to see I can support the EFF’s anti-SOPA efforts and get better service, to boot! It’s very early in a relationship so I can’t say what my long term feelings about NC are yet, but they’ve definitely started off well!

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  83. Am i glad i never did anything with GD!
    I once wanted to register a bunch off domains there, and pay with pay pal, in Europe credit-cards are rarely used, and normally you don’t need one to buy with pay pal, but GD made it impossible to buy anything without a credit card! (And watching there commercials) So i send a mail… After more than 24 hours i got an answer, stating to send a mail with a copy of my id, a copy of the last bank statement and a copy of my bank pas?! I called them and made it very clear that i am not planning on sending anybody those under any circumstances, and that they are by (local)law forbidden to ask those, and it would the same as posting them on twitter asking anonymous for identity theft!! Speaking about the guys behind the Fawkes mask…I hope GD get the same treatment as HB Gary….

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  88. …Did that message from the CEO say what I think it said? They run into an issue, but instead of taking it up with the site owners immediately, they just wait for 24 hours for some piece of magic to either inform GoDaddy they have a problem, or for it to magically fix itself? Then, instead of contacting GoDaddy, they make a remark on their website that GoDaddy is intentionally blocking them to some extent?
    Does no one else think this is a bit silly? I wouldn’t call it maliciously handled or anything, but I don’t think anyone quite saw that through.

  89. i am making arrangements now to move my last remaining 6 domains – as each have approached the expiration date for the last 2 years, i have transferred them away from godaddy – i think i moved about 65 so far – they have horrid, rude cs reps and i don’t agree with the bob’s politics – he seems like an a** after watching his little videos – bye bye godaddy ! ! !

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  92. MODULUSSHIFT – communication about the issue began the day prior. As the quote from our CEO says, “the issue had persisted for more than 24 hours with no response from the other party.” We wouldn’t have known about being unblocked if there was no communication.

  93. I moved five domains over to Namecheap, and some of them came across incomplete, so I had to update them. It was not an easy process, and took longer than I expected, but it’s done now. I am DONE with GoDaddy and don’t have a single service with them now. Unfortunately, they won’t let me cancel my account altogether, but i canceled out all of my payment information.

  94. I just read the story on a danish Internet news site, and I have to say I love the fact at you at namecheap are against SOPA.
    I would love if some of the danish web hosts, would do the same regarding the danish version of SOPA.!

    So thumbs up, and keep it up.!! ;o)

    Happy New Year:!

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  96. To the Namecheap CEO, I think your staffs needs a big pay-rise or a paid vacation after the Christmas season. Their hard work and dedication towards customers during this holiday season is unmatched and they deserve recognition.

  97. Jason, GoDaddy has up to 5 days to release your domain. It should take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Contact support if you’ve been waiting longer than this and we’ll tell you exactly where it is stalled in the transfer process.

  98. GoDaddy disabled our domains a couple hours ago (sites down, email down) & our account @ GoDaddy shows all transfers complete.

    Our Namecheap account shows all transfers pending. Chat Support only knows to say “wait 5 days”.

    Hey — we’re DARK here — no email, no websites, no customers.

    Is GoDaddy blocking?

  99. i just got the authorization email from namecheap. now i have to wait for godaddy to catch up. cant wait to leave them

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  105. Godaddy is getting worse, it is taking time in updates and 24/7 service is replying after 24 hrs. But it is still getting customers. Just because of well known firm.

  106. I am finally free of elephant murderer Bob Parsons and his goAWAYdaddy!
    I moved the last 3 domains last night to namecheap.
    What a pain it was dealing with their seperate domainsbyproxy privacy thing and having to deal with two different logins and multiple accounts- every time you registered a domain with privacy there it created a NEW privacy acct if you didn’t watch out. I had at least SIX.
    Another thing to watch out for in goAWAYdaddy is you have to click on a somewhat obscure link to the “pending transfers” there in the dropdown menus, and there you find your held-up pending transfers that won’t move forward till you CONFIRM it there- it doesnt send you an email to do it.
    Once you click that it’s done in less than an hour instead of days.

  107. I’ve been letting my registrations on GoDaddy expire and moving them to another hosting company that treats me well. I’ve had many unethical dealings with GoDaddy. They lie, cheat, block, frustrate, and give poor service intentionally to keep people locked in. It surprised me how hard it was to unlock and transfer a domain I’d registered with a private registration, for example. It ended up being registered through another shady company that is really just a front for GoDaddy, and they claimed that I had an account with them, which was automatically created, and to unlock my domain I had to log into this account. Guess how easy it was to get access to this account I never created? They made it really hard under the guise of “we have to keep this private, we don’t know who you are, prove it.” The route they suggested would have used the US mail and taken months to accomplish. Fortunately I was able to guess some of the ways they might have done things and reverse engineer it all, and it probably only took me about ten hours of my time puzzling through it all (literally, not figuratively).

    GoDaddy is a really sleazy company.

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