Go Local with Geographic Domains

Looking for a new domain name that will help your website stand out?

An exciting new category of geographic domains offer new opportunities for websites that are location-specific.

Geographic Domain Names

Hundreds of new domain name extensions, also known as top level domains, have become available in the past three years. These TLDs have expanded the options for websites, and provide options for names that more accurately reflect their content and promote their brands.

Already you can buy industry-specific domains such as .accountant, sports domain names such as .football, and generic domains such .site and .click.

These geographic domain names are usually attached to a specific city but can also be tied to a region. These are powerful domain names for two types of businesses both local and global businesses.

How These Domains Can Help You Stand Out

Using geographic domains, local businesses can brand themselves with their location, choosing domains like hamburgers.vegas or plumber.london.

Global businesses can feature their local presence with its own domain name. For example, a restaurant might redirect local customers to FranksPizza.nyc instead of FranksPizza.com/nyc.

Or a blogger might use a domain like wheretoeatin.paris to write about all of the great cafes, restaurants, and bakeries they visit. 

Of course, these geographic domain names are also fun domain names for individuals. You can spice up your email by having @yourname.vegas or @yourname.london.

Some of these domain names are restricted to people and businesses that live within the city (this is sometimes referred to as nexus) but others are open to everyone.

Where in the World Are You?

Depending on your location, there might already be a TLD for your area available at Namecheap:

  • .Berlin – One of your contacts must have a valid address in Berlin (excluding P.O. Boxes) in order to register a .Berlin domain name.
  • .London – This popular domain name is open to all. Over 50,000 .London domain names are already registered.
  • .NYC – You must live or work in New York City, and the city is strict about enforcing this requirement.
  • .Paris – You must live or work in the greater Paris area or have some other connection to the city to register one of these domains.
  • .Tokyo – Anyone can register a domain name related to Japan’s capital.
  • .Vegas – .Vegas domain names are open to everyone. It’s a great name for gambling and entertainment businesses.
  • .Wales – This domain name is open to all.

Have a business or idea related to one of these locations? Register a geographic domain name (or any other domain) today!

3 thoughts on “Go Local with Geographic Domains”

  1. The problem with geographic domains is that it’s a lot more expansive than .net and .com.
    Another problem is that many people would think that people running these domains are local organizations so people would less go on them than an international domain (.net, .com or .org). This would be only useful for local organizations like I don’t see the point of registering a .london from any other countries than UK.

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