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Get Your Game On with .GG Domains

You can’t win if you don’t play, and it’s way more fun to play with a .gg domain! Right now, you can register a major league .gg domain for a fantastic price with Namecheap.

SPECIAL OFFER: One week only—March 27 through April 2—register a new .gg domain for just $28.88.  That’s 58% off the regular price of $68.88! Don’t miss this week-long deal—grab your .gg domain today!

Why Go With .GG?

The eSports and gaming community is one of the most active and fastest growing online groups out there. A common term of appreciation within this community is “good game”– “gg”, for short. The .gg domain, much like the .ai domain we wrote about recently, is currently seeing a surge in popularity, and as online gaming, team chats, gamer forums and blogs, and eSports channels grow and develop, it’ll only get bigger. There are tons of great, one-word domains available, but they’re sure to get snatched up fast. The time to get the perfect .gg domain is now!

Transfer for the Same Great Price

Already have a .gg domain you want to transfer? Not a problem. For the same price as registration, you can move your .gg domain to Namecheap. This means you’ll get our renowned domain management platform and excellent customer service at no extra cost.

Get Inspired

Need some examples to help spark your big .gg idea? Check out these gaming and eSports sites already using the .gg extension:

  • Op.gg offers stats and match details for League of Legends.
  • Cloud9.gg serves as the official eSports team hub.
  • Gamepress.gg rates and reviews online games.
  • Talk.gg is team chat forum for gamers.
  • Forge.gg lets you share gaming videos with friends.

How will you use .gg to up your game? Take your best shot and register a .gg domain today!

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