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Why Your Domain is the Destination with .TO

Where are you going? Which way are you headed? How will you get there?

Whether we’re asking for directions or wandering around happily, we all have to consider our direction in life. Luckily, there’s a domain extension that can help point you in the right direction: introducing .to.

You wouldn’t think a tiny, two-letter preposition would come with so much potential, but “to” holds the key to a lot of life’s little mysteries. A blog about personal goals and aspirations might use “,” “,” or even “” as a memorable namespace.

Travel and tourism companies can also find their way with a .to domain “,” “,” “,” “”… the possibilities are endless!

And of course, the big one: How-to websites. How could a user forget a name like “”, “”, or “”?

The .to domain is already gaining fans in the world of web development. Ben Halpern, co-founder of, an online sharing community for programmers, says:

“We’ve found to be well-liked and memorable. In order to have developers feel ownership over their profiles on our platform, it’s important they take pride in sharing the URL. Having a short, unique domain name encourages people to refer to us directly by our URL. This has been wonderful for referrals and backlinks.”

Sometimes our imagination is sparked by the smallest things, and you can’t get much more small—or inspiring—than .to.

And right now, you can get .to from Namecheap for the lowest price out there—only $39.88 for the first year of registration.

When you’re ready to create your site or blog, Namecheap offers all the tools you need to make it easy. We recommend WordPress for great blogs because of its versatility and reliability. Check out our EasyWP service, which lets you get a WordPress website up and running in a snap!

2 thoughts on “Why Your Domain is the Destination with .TO”

  1. Do you have Gutenberg themes in your WPStarter? What is the main difference between WPStarter and your WordPress Hosting?

    If I decide not to purchase the security certificates from you, can I add one that I buy elsewhere?

    1. Gutenberg is the new version of WordPress, version 5.0. It mostly affects the editor in the Dashboard. All reputable theme developers should be updating their themes to be compatible with the most current version of WordPress. but there could be some delays. It’s always a good idea to test out major WordPress updates on a test server and not on your live site to make sure there aren’t any unexpected issues. We have an article about what to expect in Gutenberg (which may launch on Thursday).

      We offer Stellar shared hosting which allows you to install WordPress via cPanel as well as EasyWP, which is managed WordPress Hosting. For more help with choosing your hosting and with SSLs, I’d encourage you to contact our customer support as I can’t really get into all those details here.

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