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Back in April, you met the amazing Billy from our hosting support department (he was the guy on top of that huge mountain). Well, the response to his post was so positive, we thought we’d set you up with even more valuable info – in the form of FAQs from our clients, as well as some handy facts from our Knowledgebase. By the way, if you haven’t checked out the wealth of useful know-how packed into the Namecheap Knowledgebase, you really should take a look.

But first, let’s answer some common hosting questions!

Q: On my WordPress blog, the URL is showing up as [myblog.com/wp]. How do I get it to just read [myblog.com]?

A: There are three ways you can fix this issue. The Three Rs: Re-Installation, Redirection or… File Migration and Database Update. Okay fine, that’s more like two Rs and one FMDU, but Three Rs sounds so much cooler, right? Find out which of these simple options is right for you here.

Q: How can I reset my cPanel password?

A: Easy. You just need your cPanel username and access to the email associated with your account. Learn the full fix here.

Q: My website is down. What do I do?

A: Our Customer Service ninjas live for questions like these. There are a few reasons your site may be down, and they can walk you through troubleshooting every last one of them. Just hit them up on a Live Chat.
Naturally, you’re welcome to troubleshoot the issue yourself. In which case, we’ve got suggestions for you here as well.

Q: How do I use your private email service with my mail client?

A: When Namecheap was a kid, of course, we got straight A’s in school (though some of our programmers claim we got straight C++’s, but that’s another story). One thing all our teachers commented on was that we play well with others.

Q: How can I check my hosted email from my mail client?

A: Once again, the sun never sets on the Namecheap empire. Find out how to set up your cPanel email to use with nearly any client.

DID YOU KNOW? – More Fun Facts About Hosting

  • On our shared server php, mailform will only work with a local email address (the one created in cPanel -> email accounts) in the FROM field. NOTE: The domain name should have MX records of the server your account is hosted on.
  • Can’t see your website? It could mean your IP address is blocked by our firewall, especially if others can see it. To protect your account from brute-force attacks, our system often blocks an account after too many failed login attempts. Contact our support team for help with un-blocking your account.
  • WordPress is an awesome CMS but it may be a little sluggish in the default configuration. These guidelines can optimize your WP blog’s performance.
  • Security restrictions won’t allow for direct remote MySQL connections on our shared servers. However, you can use the SSH tunnel instead.

Got more questions that need answers? Any hot hosting tips you want to share with other users? We love our customers’ feedback, so please add to the comments below. Otherwise, you can always reach us here with questions or concerns. Our staff is ready to help 24/7. Happy hosting!

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