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Hero image of RelateReviews Launch: Get More Five Star Ratings

RelateReviews Launch: Get More Five Star Ratings

In today’s world, online reputation management really matters — over 90% of people use Internet reviews when deciding whether to buy something. Customer reviews have become the expected social proof that tells people whether they should or shouldn’t choose your business.

But it’s practically impossible to manually stay on top of what customers say about you online. From social media platforms to dedicated review sites like Trustpilot, there are hundreds of digital spaces where people could be giving you negative or positive feedback.

As part of Namecheap’s Relate suite, which is dedicated to empowering small businesses by giving them easy, fast, and affordable tools to help them grow, we have now launched RelateReviews.

Let’s explore the standout features that this tool offers to solve the core need of SMBs — more customers.

Reviewing URLs

Be Found

Google’s algorithms (automated rules that decide which information is picked up and delivered when people search for stuff online) are designed for great customer experience. So your chances of ranking high in search results will depend on:

  • Quantity of reviews
  • Star rating of reviews
  • Whether or not reviews receive a response from the business
  • Review keywords 
  • Citations (mentions of your business data like the contact number)

As much as 66% of your business showing up in local searches is linked to reputation management. That’s a large slice of potential revenue, especially for small businesses.

The RelateReviews Pro Plan puts over 100 of the most popular review and listing platforms into one integrated Dashboard, making it easy as pie to monitor and reply to customer feedback.

Mentions of your business are tracked right across the web, from social media platforms to news articles and blog articles. This also includes citations — every mention of your company phone number will be flagged. 

RelateReviews also lets you view which listing sites (like Yelp) have your accurate business details. This lets you correct your listings so you can be found more in local searches. You’ll even be able to compare your Listing Score to the industry standard.

By staying on top of mentions and replying to reviews effectively (more to follow on this topic in the ‘Build Loyalty’ section) you will increase your star ratings. That, plus having accurate business listings, will ensure Google’s algorithms place you higher up the page in searches.

Hedgehog reviewing graphs

Get Chosen

In addition to helping your search rankings, these stats show that reviews make a big difference in consumer decision making:

  • 80% of people lose trust in a business with incorrect info.
  • 91% of people trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. 
  • 3.3 is the minimum star rating of a business consumers would engage with.
  • 94% of consumers say a negative review causes them to avoid a business.
  • 89% of consumers read how a business responds to reviews.

RelateReviews lets you directly respond to reviews from your Dashboard. You’ll get intelligent suggestions based on the star ratings to respond fast, and can even build your own customized templates to give customers the personal touch. So even as a busy small business, you’ll always be able to stay on top of your company reviews.

Thumbs up comments

Build Loyalty

The RelateReviews reputation management software comes with Sentiment Analysis, an automated AI feature that gives you valuable insights on how customers feel about your business. You’ll be able to see what types of keywords are trending, and easily drill down into specific keywords to find out what customers are saying. This lets you find out what impresses them, and what your weak areas are so you can strengthen them.

Sentiment analysis also helps you target new audiences by identifying what they want, as well as giving you insight into what people are looking for at different times of the year. This will give you excellent marketing guidance when it comes to social media content and email campaigns. 

RelateReviews also gives you performance reports that give you clarity on your online reputation trajectory, including both short-term changes and long-term trends.

Earning customer loyalty depends on engaging with people. If you thank people for their positive feedback, you’re building a relationship because they’ll feel appreciated. And this makes them keep coming back, as well as refer you to their friends.

A negative review on the other hand can be a golden opportunity to turn things around and gain trust, if you reply in the right way. To learn more, read How to Write Review Replies Like a Pro.

RelateReviews also gives you alerts for all new posts on Google Q&A. Be the first to respond as an authority on the topic, directly from your Dashboard. Answering consumer questions boosts your brand presence. It also gives you an opportunity to explain how your product or service matches what the person is looking for.

Another feature that will help you build loyalty is being able to compare your online reputation with competitors, so you can continue improving and learning to stay ahead of the curve. Choose up to three of your main competitors, and you can:

  • Compare search engine ‘Share of Voice’.
  • Track their audience engagement.
  • Identify their average review ratings and total reviews.

Additional useful features include the ability to send fast email requests for new customer reviews and easily display them on your website. By keeping your reviews fresh, people have all the social proof they need to trust your company.


Because small businesses don’t have the brand power or big budget to stand out from the crowd like the bigger players, it becomes super important to make sure more customers find, choose and trust you. RelateReviews takes care of this by giving you the ability to:

  • Make online reputation management easy by putting everything in one place. 
  • Boost your ability to be found online in customer searches, by showing search engines you have good reviews and accurate listings. 
  • Improve your star ratings with effective review replies and Google Q&A, so more people choose your business.
  • Identify what customers think about your company so you can keep leveling up.
  • Build brand trust with fresh positive feedback on your website and other platforms like Google reviews.

Why choose reputation management from Namecheap?

We’ve built a 20-year global track record of trust, for giving our customers a broad range of essential web services. From domains and hosting, to apps and cybersecurity, we have your online business. Namecheap is dedicated to giving you the tools you need without the usual roadblocks — high quality, user-friendly, and super affordable.

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