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Choose .BLOG for your Next Blog

Namecheap is thrilled to introduce the .blog domain extension.

What is .blog?

In the past few years, registrars have begun offering a variety of new top level domains (also known as TLDs). These are the letters to the right of the dot in a domain name. While we’re used to seeing .com, .org, .net,  and other generic TLDs, hundreds of new ones have expanded our options for websites.

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When setting up a new blog, why not consider one of our newest TLDs? With .blog, the new TLD for blogging, the sky’s the limit for the kinds of websites you could build.
Maybe you want to journal your personal thoughts. Pair your name with .blog for amazing results.
Or maybe you want to let the world know that you’re the foremost blogger in the field of underwater basket weaving. Choose underwaterbaskets.blog and no one will doubt your expertise.
Promote a business, share recipes, or share photos. You can use .blog to set up a political dialog or to share tips on crafts and hobbies. Authors can use .blog websites to keep readers updated on the progress of their next books, and musicians can use a .blog site to share stories on the road.
Blogs can do so many things, and they’re even better with a .blog.

What If I Already Have a Blog?

Don’t let someone else beat you to the .blog domain. If you already have a blog living at a different domain, register the .blog version in addition to your primary domain. It’s even easy to redirect it to your primary domain.

Why Wait?

Starting today, you’ll be able to register a domain using the .blog extension, so there’s no time to lose. Register your .blog domain today!

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