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Free WhoisGuard For Everyone, Forever!

Yes, you read that correctly. We’ve just made it so WhoisGuard, our Whois privacy protection shield, will now be free with every domain registration for life—and that includes your existing domains.
We believe you can’t put a price on things like security or privacy—so we made it so there’s no price tag whatsoever!

What is WhoisGuard and Why is it Now FREE?

WhoisGuard protects domain owners’ sensitive data. When you register a domain, your contact information gets added to the Whois database. This is a database listing the owners of every domain name online, and it can be searched by anyone on the Internet.
That means spammers, marketing firms, and online fraudsters have easy access to your name, address, email, phone number, and other information about you or your business.
At Namecheap, we believe strongly in privacy, security, freedom, and equal treatment for all Internet users. We respect our customers’ right to keep their personal information protected, and we always take a stand for their privacy.
It is our belief that Internet privacy should be universal and equally available for all Internet users. And that’s why we decided to make this form of privacy protection free for our clients—for life!
From now on, you won’t need to worry about your personal details being available in the Whois database. WhoisGuard will keep your Whois details invisible from the very moment you purchase your domains from Namecheap—and forever after that!

Part of a Bigger Picture

Namecheap is a strong advocate of freedom online, and online privacy. We never sell personal information to marketing companies—or anyone else for that matter. Our customers are our top priority.
We strongly support organizations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Fight For The Future, who campaign to maintain freedoms online for everyone.

Why Online Privacy is So Important

In 2018, there are more and more concerns about the lack of privacy online. It’s a hot topic that frequently gains news coverage especially in the US and Europe.
Leaving your data unprotected in the Whois database—the default option from most domain sellers—can lead to unwanted cold calling, marketing, and even identity theft.
So Namecheap decided to take a giant leap forward in privacy protection, going over and above to protect our customers by offering Whois protection for free.

Don’t Miss Out—Get WhoisGuard Now

It’s so easy to add WhoisGuard to your existing domains and keep your Whois privacy safe—for life. Simply follow these instructions to add WhoisGuard to your Namecheap domains now.

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