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Free SSL With New cPanel

One of Namecheap’s top priorities is providing secure and trusted web solutions. Our latest project has been upgrading our version of cPanel for web hosting users.
This new version (11.62) requires an SSL certificate installed for all new domains, subdomains, and addon domains. If there is no SSL Certificate associated with newly added domains, cPanel will self-sign an SSL Certificate and install it.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates are a standardized form of encryption for websites. They are mostly used to secure credit card transactions, logins, and data transfer, but are becoming increasingly commonplace on social media sites as well.

Using an SSL also means data is secure between servers and could even help your Google SEO ranking. Google rewards sites that are more secure.

You can learn more details about SSLs in a previous blog post. Ultimately, our move towards implementing SSLs will help your site be more secure for your users, and therefore a more inviting place to do business.

What if I don’t want to buy an SSL?

We understand that, even with the first year completely free, you may not want to get an SSL from a Certificate Authority. In this case, cPanel will assign you a self-signed certificate for free.

What is a Self-Signed SSL?

Self-Signed SSLs are not issued by Certificate Authorities, but they offer the same level of encryption for your customers.
However, because they do not use the standard and verified encryption, they are not trusted by web browsers, and so won’t display the padlock symbol next to the URL. Users may also get a warning message saying that the certificate is not trusted.

Our Offer to You

We’re giving all of our shared hosting customers a full year of PositiveSSL free for their primary domain, subdomains, and addon domains.

Who Qualifies for the Offer?

The following customers can benefit from our free year of PositiveSSL:

    • Customers who have created a new Shared Hosting account.
    • Customers who are using their Shared Hosting Plan with their newly created hosting account.
    • Customers who are adding new domain names (addon domains) to their existing hosting account with Shared Hosting plan.

For more information, we offer additional technical details.
You can still benefit from this offer by signing up for one of our brilliant shared hosting packages.

Offer restrictions:

  • The offer is only available for Shared Hosting packages.
  • You will get one free SSL for every unique domain and subdomain.
  • There is a maximum of 50 free SSLs per cPanel account.
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