EV SSLs: Lean, Mean, Green… and 50% Off!


What is EV SSL? It’s a sure way to improve your sales figures. An Extended Validation SSL provides an instant signal to customers that their credit card data is secure, by adding that familiar green bar to your site.


Every now and then you may notice some sweet-looking deals for free SSL certificates popping up around the web. We’ve seen them too and we want to make sure you know the full story.

Nearly all of these freebies are Domain Validated (DV) SSLs, which will probably do the trick if your site contains a blog or other personal or non-commerce content. However, as the name implies, a DV cert only requires validation that the registered domain actually exists. It’s not necessarily a guarantee to visitors that there’s a live person or business behind the domain, nor does it alert them to potential shady goings-on. It’s like the “main street” set in those old Western movies: Sure, they look like real storefronts, but can you be sure of what’s really behind the facade?

If your site handles credit card or other sensitive info, you need the “green bar” assurance of an Extended Validation (EV) certificate. By displaying the helpful green bar in the URL field, EV SSLs give you and your visitors the peace of mind that comes from knowing that:

  • A site has gone through several rigorous domain AND identification verifications.
  • All data moving to and from this site is safely encrypted.
  • The entities behind the domain are who they appear to be.
  • Your business takes customer privacy and security seriously.  

Now through the end of the year, you can get green-bar protection at a great price. Buy your EV SSL from Namecheap and get 50% off!
Always nice to have the White Hats on your side in SSL Town, don’t you agree, cowboy?

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