Enhancing our DNS Platform

UPDATED: We’re happy to announce that our PremiumDNS service was recently launched! Read about the details below or visit our PremiumDNS page for more information.


Greetings and Happy Monday!

I’m pleased to share some exciting enhancements we’re making to our DNS platform. As the life blood of the internet, translating domain names to IP addresses, a robust DNS platform is critical for domain and website availability.

We’ve partnered with Verisign to enhance the performance and the reliability of the DNS services that we, Namecheap, provide to our customers.

Verisign operate 2 of the 13 root servers, giving them unprecedented experience in delivering robust, reliable DNS services and our partnership with Verisign improves the services that we provide.

This partnership also allows us to redefine the different tiers of DNS service that we offer. In future,  we will offer:

  • Free DNS – free basic DNS platform that is available for anyone with a Namecheap account;
  • Regular DNS – our standard DNS platform with enhance performance and reliability. Used and available by all domains registered with / transferred into Namecheap;
  • Premium DNS – a new platform we’re launching later in the year with 100% uptime guarantees and advanced DDoS protection.

These enhancements are completely transparent. Existing users of our Free DNS and Regular DNS (currently called DNS v2) do not need to make any changes to any domains held with Namecheap. Our DNS Editor will remain exactly the same and available within the ‘My Account’ section of the Namecheap website.

Our Premium DNS product is in development and we’ll be offering the fastest, most reliable DNS product available on the market. This will be available later in 2015.

Stay tuned for more updates on our Premium DNS product!


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