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The Best E-Commerce WordPress Themes We Love

Have a WordPress website but find yourself toying with the idea of creating an online store? 

Now is the time to get the e-commerce ball rolling. Far more than just a simple blogging platform, WordPress also gives small business owners and solopreneurs like you the unique opportunity to create your very own online storefront and start making money.

Why create an online store with your WordPress website? It’s perfect for those of you who: 

  • Want to sell a product 
  • Want to increase customer reach
  • Want to boost sales
  • Want to decrease marketing costs 

To start reaping the benefits, all it takes is installing a WordPress theme that’s suited to e-commerce. 

Although there are countless WordPress themes on the market, not all of them are designed with e-commerce in mind. Meaning, if you want to monetize your skills or get that small business venture off the ground, you need a WordPress theme that’s suited to e-commerce. You can think of this theme as your website designer, developer, and tech support – all rolled into one. 

So, in order to take the guesswork out of which e-commerce WordPress theme to choose, we’ve rounded up five of the very best, which balance affordability with useful features. 

A word of advice before you start shopping for themes? Consider installing WooCommerce, the free WordPress plugin that helps you build a secure and flexible e-commerce store. Working across all devices, WooCommerce powers 25% of the Internet’s e-commerce website stores. Suffice to say, it’s best to get on board.  

#1 Divi

Divi example screenshot

Multi-purpose in nature, Divi is one of the select few WordPress e-commerce themes that includes a frontend page builder tool — complete with a point-and-click editing interface. Ideal for non-tech savvy users, Divi is very user-friendly and lets you choose from a variety of pre-built, fully-responsive page layouts. 

Complete with a wide array of content elements, e.g. an audio player, number counter, contact form, pricing tables, video sliders, testimonial sections, and more, Divi also lets you upload logos, choose a new color palette, as well as integrate your social media accounts.  

For those of you who want to attract global customers, Divi can also be translated into more than 30 languages. And yes, it’s also WooCommerce-friendly!

The cost? Since Divi is multi-purpose (meaning there are 86 themes and 6 plugins available), it’s $89/year for a license. Don’t discount the value of the other plugins such as Monarch, which is one of the best social sharing plugins for WordPress websites. 

# 2 Halena

Halena example screenshot

Prefer your online store to look clean and minimalistic? Look no further than Halena, which features high-quality layouts that are fantastic for showcasing your products. 

Similar to Divi, Halena features a large variety of pre-built layouts, a drag-and-drop content editor as well as four options for how your products get displayed (Lightbox, Product Zoom, 360 Degree and Video). In addition, you can also play around with the shopping cart, checkout, and customer account options. 

Something unique to Halena is that users (aka your customers) can take advantage of the AJAX product filtering tool, which makes product inventory searches way easier. Here, your customers can narrow down their searches by selecting multiple attributes and filters from the side menu.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re selling sustainable backpacks on your e-commerce website. With Halena, your customer sees various images of models wearing different backpacks and depending on the ones that pique their interest, lets them click on those specific images. By adding “hotspot pins” that are AJAX-enabled, your customers can add those items to their shopping cart by clicking directly on the image itself, rather than navigating to the product page to purchase. 

Another benefit to Halena is that the content and settings on various Halena demos can easily be mixed and matched. This isn’t always the case with other WordPress themes. 

The cost? Halena costs $49 for a regular license which includes 6-months of support, future updates, and quality checks. 

#3 Artemis

Artemis example screenshot

If you’re looking for a sophisticated storefront, Artemis is your go-to.

Multi-purpose and WooCommerce-friendly, Artemis comes with a drag-and-drop page builder tool aptly-called, “Visual Composer.” Here, you can start with a pre-built template and customize it to fit your needs by simply dragging and dropping elements where you want them. Here you can also decide what you want to highlight most on your homepage, be it products, specific collections, discounts, and more.

Artemis is also fully responsive, making it ideal for viewing on smartphones and/or tablets. The theme includes a free plugin called “Slider Revolution”, which lets you easily create a slideshow (or presentation) of your e-commerce products.

Do you plan to have video demonstrations of your products? Artemis lets you include them on your product page while the “quick view” product option allows your customer to click on a specific product, only to see an enlarged image and quick description of the item. 

Drop-down functionality is also available for your shopping cart. Here, your customers can add products and continue shopping without being redirected to another page.  

It’s worth mentioning here, too, that Artemis’ customer support consistently gets rave reviews.

The cost? Licenses start at $59 with 6-months support with the inclusion of future updates.

#4 Vitrine

Vitrine example screenshot

Are you a blogger who also dabbles in e-commerce and wants your product pages to stand out from your blog layouts? Vitrine has your back. 

Arguably one of the easiest themes to use, Vitrine lets you import and install a demo with just one click of your mouse. Because Vitrine includes blog design templates, it’s a great way to drive organic traffic to your WordPress website and entice these visitors to come back for more (even if they aren’t paying customers yet). 

Prefer your storefront to stand out from the rest? With Vitrine, you won’t find cookie-cutter designs here. Same goes for its extensive add-to-cart functionality. Customers can add favorite products to their wish lists, quick-view your products, as well as compare different products on your website. 

Do you have lots of images on your website? Vitrine uses “lazy loading,” so depending on how your user (customer) scrolls a page, not all images will be loaded at once. This eliminates slow page-loading times, which hurts your conversions. 

Social media marketing is also super easy with Vitrine. Instead of downloading an external social media plugin, Vitrine features a built-in Instagram feed plugin. A helpful hint? Just make sure that your website visitors also follow you on social media so you can continue marketing to them in the future.

The cost? Vitrine licenses start at $59.

#5 Hugo

Hugo example screenshot

If you consider yourself a small business owner, not a design aficionado, then opt for a Hugo theme. 

Released in 2013, Hugo began as a static site generator (SSG) but now offers WordPress-compatible e-commerce themes. Hugo themes are known for their easy installations and their flexible drag-and-drop page builders. If you’re eager to get your e-commerce shop up and running, Hugo makes it happen with super-fast building times. 

Want to match your business logo? Hugo has a variety of color schemes to help you match it. And similar to Divi, Hugo also offers multi-languages if you’re looking to appeal to a global audience. 

Perhaps the biggest difference between Hugo and the aforementioned WordPress themes is its backend simplicity. If you prefer to sell your products, rather than deal with complex design configurations, a Hugo theme is perfect for WordPress newbies and e-commerce shop owners alike.

The cost? Prices vary but most start at $59. 

The Takeaways

The bottom line? First, jot down what you need and/or expect from your e-commerce website and then take some time to review each of the themes we recommended. To read more up on themes, you can always check out the Namecheap blog

By comparing your list with our recommendations, you’ll find it’s much easier to ascertain which theme works best for you. Ultimately, no matter which one you choose, an e-commerce theme will help improve the overall design, layout, and performance of your WordPress website. 

And, if you find yourself a little too preoccupied with e-commerce themes, why not simplify things with your WordPress website and opt for Managed WordPress Hosting? 

Hosted on Namecheap’s powerful cloud platform, EasyWP is by far the best-value managed WordPress hosting solution for creating and building your WordPress website. Blazingly fast and hassle-free, EasyWP makes WordPress easy, accessible, and affordable to everyone with plans starting at just $1/month, for the first month. With free PositiveSSL to keep your website secure and free Supersonic CDN to deliver all your web content at 68% faster speeds, you’ll start all your e-commerce dreams off on the right foot. 

Tell us! Do you agree with our list? Did we miss your favorite theme? Let us know in the comments.

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