Transfer and Save this Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day and our continued support of the environment, we’re having a special Earth Day promotion on April 22, 2012! On that day for the full twenty four hours, you can transfer your com/net/org/info/biz domain name over to us for a $5.99 cost plus the applicable $0.18 ICANN fee. Just use coupon code SAVEtheEARTH.

Plus, for every domain transferred to us on that day, we’ll plant a tree via the International Tree Foundation.

This offer is valid between April 22, 2012 12:00AM EST until 11:59PM EST and is limited to 10 transfers per account.

Help us with this social good initiative today!

34 thoughts on “Transfer and Save this Earth Day”

  1. thanks for this event, i think namecheap is best DP, and good jobs when you takeover GD with “domain name” searching keyword..
    Great day!

  2. Jeff, are you transferring a com/net/org/info/biz domain into Namecheap? It is only for transfers.

    I have tested it and it is confirmed working, but it is only valid on certain TLDs and transfers only.

  3. It seems to be limited to 2 transfers per account instead of 10. I tried transferring 3 domains and the coupon only took effect on two of them.

  4. ABDUSSAMAD – what TLD is the third domain? We’ve verified that the 10 limit is correct.

  5. Somewhat works for me. I’m assuming if I’m transferring a domain back that used to be at namecheap I cannot get the discount? That sorta blows.

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  7. Bubba, ideally it’d be for the first domains ever transferred to Namecheap. If they are going to be continually shuffled between registrars, it may fail. If you have issues, please contact support.

  8. CUAHANGSIMSODEP.COM – sounds like you’re not using it properly on the correct TLDs and/or for transfers and/or you’re not actually logged into the account (you must be logged in first). Please contact support if you still encounter issues.

  9. Adam, sometimes we have registration promotions – sometimes we have renewal promotions. This is a transfer promotion only.

  10. Gah! Tried to transfer 6 domains and messed one of them up. The 5 are in process, but the one failed. So I tried to redo it, but it says the coupon was already used. Am I out of luck on the 6th?

  11. Jeffrey, no need – please contact support so we can determine what the issue is. You don’t need to do it all at once but there may be an issue with the transfers you performed. We can best investigate by helping you directly.

  12. This is such a great idea… I actually got excited because I was going to transfer today, but I have a .US and a .CO, so it won’t help too much… wish it extended to those extensions, would be wonderful.

  13. Your account is not be eligible to use this coupon as a similar coupon may have already been used on another account of yours.

    First 5 transferred done. Tried 5 more and it will not let me use the special.

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  15. Waiting for such a promo code indeed.
    At every Earth Day, I am waiting for the coupons from NameCheap to transfer domains.

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