You Planted 1,536 Trees…. Together We Planted 3,072 Trees!

After our special transfer promotion this past Earth Day, we thought we’d let you know how you did :) In the 24 hour period marking Earth Day 2012, you transferred 1,536 domains to Namecheap. That means your domain purchases also helped us plant over 1,500 trees in partnership with the International Tree Foundation!
Namecheap is pleased to announce that we will be matching our customer’s donations, bringing our total number of trees planted this Earth Day to 3,072.

Thanks for your commitment to the Earth. Stay tuned for what we have in store for 2013’s Earth Day! :)

2 thoughts on “You Planted 1,536 Trees…. Together We Planted 3,072 Trees!”

  1. i love this great job you guys are awesome so…… i would like to meet a guy who works there mcdonald dec 17 100 is that okay ill be there

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