One Easy Trick to Promote your Social Media Profiles

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Whether you’re a marketing consultant or a YouTube star, getting traction for your social media profiles can be a daunting task. Fortunately, generating URLs that are easy for your audience to remember is easier than ever. These URLs could be useful for business cards, email signatures, flyers, or even billboards.

It can be quite a hassle to find a memorable .com or a .net to do this, though. Good thing there are now hundreds of other TLDs available like .agency, .design, and .business to help.

If you have multiple domains, you can forward them all to your favorite social media presence. And guess what? Forwarding is free at Namecheap. Here are some ways people are using these great domain names.

Forward to your LinkedIn Profile

The URL to your LinkedIn Profile doesn’t easily fit on a business card. Try registering, or Putting a web address like this on your card will show people you’re tech savvy and forward-looking, and it’s more likely to be used by your contact. You can even try an extension related to what you do. For example, accountants can use

Use as a shortcut to your YouTube page

Drive traffic to your YouTube channel with a nifty, easy-to-remember domain like .video or .watch. Wouldn’t be better than Using a URL like this will greatly improve your personal branding on YouTube.

Make it your Facebook or Twitter shortcut

The address to your Facebook page, Facebook group, or Twitter profile can be really long. What if you could tell people to just type The top level domain .social is a great way to forward to your social media profiles.

Forward to your live video feed, such as Periscope

Are you a live video broadcaster? Do you use a platform like Periscope? Make it much easier for people to follow you by telling them to go to or

At Namecheap we encourage you to have fun with the new TLDs. Search for your favorites at


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