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Domains for Marketing and PR Companies

Marketing and public relations companies are creative by nature. So it’s no surprise that these companies often get creative when choosing a domain name.

There are lots of creative domain extensions available to register. Use them for your main website or think about how you can put a fun domain name extension to use for a client project.

Domain options to consider

Here are seven domain name extensions that lend themselves to marketing and PR firms:

  • .PRESS – You get press for your clients, so .press is a great domain to tell the world what you do. In addition to using .Press for your main domain name, you can get creative. Think WeGet.Press, which is owned by a public relations agency.
  • .BUZZ – This edgy domain is ideal to tell the world that you get buzz for your clients. An example of a marketing company using a great .buzz domain is the blogger outreach tool Outreach.buzz. 
  • .MARKETING  –  Looking for a more descriptive domain? .Marketing is a good domain extension for all types of marketing companies. Some marketing companies using .marketing are Kensho.marketing, JustDigital.marketing, and Sensible.marketing.
  • .SOCIAL  –  Social media marketing and strategy are a key component of marketing these days. .Social is a fun domain name extension for campaigns and agencies. Social media marketing company BBI Marketing uses the domain name BBI.social to forward to its main website at BBImarketing.com.
  • .PUB  –  This domain can have two uses: Think British pubs or, in the case of PR firms, publication or publish. For example, an online publication called The Ascent uses TheAscent.pub as an easy-to-remember forward to its Medium page.
  • .NEWS  –  PR and marketing companies are in the news business, trying to help their clients make news. Why not set up a blog or company news site using .news for your client? This might help you sell your clients on the idea: Apple uses apple.news for links on its Apple News service.
  • .INK  –  .Ink is popular with marketing and advertising firms. Some that use .ink are BrandUp.ink and Agency.ink.

Get creative

Of course, the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing from the hundreds of available top level domains. New York web design company Heumor decided it wanted some extra flair in its name to help it stand out from the competition. It chose the edgy domain Heumor.rocks. 

Get your creative juices flowing by looking through the full list of domain extensions at Namecheap where you can browse more than 480+ available options.

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