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DomainHac.ks: What’s in a Na.me?


Google surprised the world last month by metamorphosing into Alphabet Inc. to gain more autonomy by moving into spaces such as healthcare and robotics.

It seems reasonable to visit Alphabet.com to find the latest healthcare devices, self-driving cars and other innovations, right? But visitors to this site won’t find a fleet of drones; they’ll find a fleet of BMWs. Alphabet.com is a car fleet management company serving BMW business customers.

Google made a bold move by choosing abc.xyz as their domain name for Alphabet Inc. This lends legitimacy to “domain hacks,” which are domain names that suggest a word, phrase or name by concatenating two or more adjacent levels of that domain. Before Alphabet, many big sites had already taken obscure top-level domains and repurposed them. For example, flic.kr borrows from South Korea and instagr.am from Armenia.

Check out these tips to help you navigate the world of domain hacks:

As this great article points out, the crucial point is that your URL should be memorable and easy to say out loud. Namecheap offers a whole range of brand-new top-level domains. We have sensible options such as .agency, .accountants and .business. We also offer wackier options such as .ninja, .lol and .pizza. Explore the possibilities with new TLDs.

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