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Add a Namecheap Domain Search Widget to Your Site

Ever wanted to give your customers the ability to search for domains from your website? Did you drop the idea because it seemed too difficult to implement?
We’re excited to announce our new  Domain Search Widget. We created this tool to help our customers monetize their websites by becoming affiliates of Namecheap, as well as help our current affiliates boost their existing sales.

Use Our Widget So Customers Can Search Directly From your Site

The widget allows your website visitors to quickly check the availability of domains. When a search is performed, it redirects to our site, and if they complete a transaction, you earn a commission.
This is how it looks:
box to show how to search for a domain

Sound interesting?

In order to start receiving a commission, you’ll need to become part of our affiliates program! It’s really simple and free to do. Just follow the instructions on our affiliate page.

Installing our widget installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1
Generate the HTML code for your widget.
We’ve created predefined widget sizes and colors to make the process as easy as possible. Simply choose what will best fit your site, and there’s no need to alter the code.
Step 2
Install our code on your website. It can be in anywhere—in a blog post, on a resource page or as a sidebar on your homepage. Get creative and try different things to see where it works best!
How domain search widget looks on the page
Step 3
Watch your passive income grow! Affiliate networks provide granular reporting, so you can see how many clicks, sales, and earnings the widget brings to you.
We want to help our customers and affiliates to be successful. We are constantly adding new resources so you can take advantage of them on your road to online success! If you need any help the Namecheap Affiliate team can be contacted at affiliates@namecheap.com .
And if you’re not an affiliate with Namecheap yet, now’s a great time to sign up with our affiliate program and get started!

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