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7 Domain Names for the Building and Construction Trade

Home construction is booming around much of the world and everyone in the business—including architects, builders, and contractors—is busy.
If you are in the home building trade, here are seven new domain name choices you can select for your website. These domains work just like .com and other popular top level domain names, but your customers will instantly know what your business is when they see your web address.
Using one of these domains will help your business stand out and win more customers.


This versatile domain name makes sense for almost all types of construction businesses: new home builders, architects, design/build firms and contractors. Imagine your company name on a business card with .build on the end, or a customer seeing your web address in search results and immediately knowing what you do. While .build domains cost more than .com domains, the brand potential might be worth the investment.


The .builders domain name is a bit longer than .build, and is perfect for firms that do actual construction. That means it’s a perfect fit for home builders and might be a good alternative to .build if your preferred domain is no longer available.


A lot of contractors come together to build a home or office, and .contractors is a great domain choice for this kind of company. Painters, plumbers, HVAC installers, roofers, foundation, insulation and other types of contractors could benefit from a .contractors domain name.


This domain is another obvious choice for people in the construction business. This top level domain is longer than most, but you can still have an effective domain name by picking a short word or name for the left of the dot.


The word ‘design’ encompasses so much. So the domain .design will be an excellent option for architects and design/build firms that want to make a splash in the industry. It’s also a great choice for interior or graphic designers. About 80,000 domains ending in .design have been registered, proving that it’s a popular choice.


If you build or market properties, this domain is for you. It could be used by the construction trade or real estate agents that sell or lease new properties. Imagine the possibilities!


While this domain has connotations outside of the construction business, you won’t find a better domain choice for a company that rehabs or remodels homes.

Even More Choices

In addition to these seven domains, companies in the construction business might find other new domain choices a fit. For example, a home builder in New York could register Homebuilding.NYC. Or, if the .com name is already taken, besides these options you might try a generic alternative extension like .online or .site.
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