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Have we mentioned the Namecheap’s Knowledgebase lately? We’re kind of crazy about it. We encourage you to explore it for yourself, so you can see just how helpful it can be.

As you’ll see from looking around the Knowledgebase, we’ve got all kinds of helpful resources, from articles to forums to instructional videos to FAQs. Be sure to check out the Related Articles on many of the support pages, to dive deeper into certain subjects. Feel free to comment on the articles while you’re there, to let us know how we’re doing.

Namecheap believes in a free, safe and open internet for everyone. And we feel that educating our clients is the key to keeping it that way. Learning is fun! Knowledge is power! The pizza is delicious! (just making sure you’re still reading).

So take your time, browse a few articles. The information you discover could make you the star of your next IT meeting. Or at the very least, you’ll sound smart at your next dinner party.

To get you started on your Knowledgebase walkabout, here are a few domain-related questions we recently received from customers:

Q: Why am I having trouble transferring my domain to Namecheap?

A: In general, domains that have been registered within the last 60 days can’t be transferred between registrars. If you’ve recently registered your domain, wait until after the 60-day mark, then try the transfer again. Of course, our Knowledgebase has more helpful domain transfer process tips.

Q: What is Email Forwarding and how do I configure it for my domain?

A: Namecheap’s email forwarding feature allows you to set up custom email addresses associated with your domain and have all mail sent there forwarded to another email, usually one you already have. For example, if you already use myemail@gmail.com, you can have all mail that comes to your domain address – myemail@mydomain.com – forwarded to your Gmail address. So you can set up a slick, professional-looking domain email while still using the mail service you already have. It’s a great service and it’s FREE with your domain. Our Knowledgebase gives you step-by-step instructions on how to set email forwarding.

Q: How do I set up DNS for my domain?

A: We’ve got you covered there. In fact, there’s a whole section on DNS management in (you guessed it) our Knowledgebase. Take a look!

Q: I have domains I’d like to resell. Do you offer any venue for that?

A: Yep. Visit the Namecheap Domain Marketplace, for supply and demand made easy. Read more about what is a Namecheap’s Marketplace.

If the questions above pique your curiosity about domains, you can get more info here.

While we’re very proud of our Knowledgebase, we understand that sometimes you just need to talk to a real person. Contact our customer support team any time via Live Chat. We’re here 24/7/365 to assist with domains, hosting, security, privacy and more. We always love to hear from our customers!

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