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December 2019 Latest Product Updates

Keeping up with tech updates is essential if you want to trade online. So get ahead of the herd with our monthly product roundup. Ask us any questions you may have or leave a comment below—we’d love to hear from you.

Private Email Has Shiny New Features

After undergoing a massive redesign in October 2019, Private Email has a range of new features available, including app launcher icons and scheduling tools. You can now enjoy its visually streamlined navigation bar and color customization features that alternate with a ‘time-dependent’ feature.

  • Floating Windows Replacing Old Tabs

With multiple floating windows operating as a replacement to old tabs, Private Email’s new design allows you to minimize them at the bottom of the taskbar or leave them open in full size. 

Even better, its calendar module has streamlined its scheduling tools with third-party apps such as an eM client for OX App Suite and other iCalendar programs. Its right-click functionality has also changed, so you have faster access to its contextual menus.

  • Universal Plan to Increase Mail Storage

Private Email has also introduced a Universal Plan to increase mail storage from 3GB to 5GB and file storage from 1GB to 2GB. With this increase, the price per GB has decreased as the Private Plan was previously $2.50 per GB. 

If you choose the expanded Universal Plan, then you’ll only pay $1.70 per GB for even more space. What’s more, you can get ten aliases instead of one with the Universal Plan, meaning you’ll even more from Private Email. 

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Leave a Lasting Impression with Business Card Maker

Business cards are an essential tool for building a network and forging lasting connections. Whether it’s for professional or personal reasons, just about anyone can benefit from a stylish, high-quality business card. With a business card, you can swiftly exchange contact details and make a great first impression with everyone you meet.

Designing, ordering, and printing business cards might seem expensive and time-consuming, but not with Namecheap’s new Business Card Maker. With our easy-to-use tool, creating business cards is quick and affordable. We even offer free delivery to over 55 countries. You can choose from a range of templates to customize and make your own. Add your own logo to make your business card stand out. (If you don’t have a logo yet, why not try our free logo maker?) 

Whatever your industry, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. It’s free to start designing — you pay only for the high-quality printing. 

Don’t miss out on high-quality cards for great prices. 

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NEW Hosting and Domain Packages 

If you want to make a website, but don’t know where to start, then you can get everything you need in one place. Buy one of our new Hosting and Domain Packages and get up to 47% off hosting, with discounted and free domains, like .site or .store

It’s really easy, just choose a hosting plan that suits your needs and budget, then add your domain name. 

Once your purchase is complete, the DNS will automatically set itself up. So straight away, you can use our free Website Builder with over 200 design templates, create a free email address, and activate your free SSL.

Buy a package now and get:

  • up to 47% off hosting plans
  • FREE domains, like .site or .store 

If you want a fast and straightforward way to build an online website, pick your Hosting and Domain Package today.

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