Introducing CloudFlare for Shared Hosting Customers

Beginning today, you will find an additional service available through your cPanel: CloudFlare. Look for the CloudFlare icon under the Software/Services menu as indicated below:


CloudFlare can make your website load faster, using less bandwidth and less server resources, while at the same time providing protection from threats such as spammers and hackers. CloudFlare is a cloud-based, globally-distributed network, with multiple data centers all over the world that act as proxies. After joining CloudFlare, the traffic to your website can then be routed through the CloudFlare global network. On average, a website on CloudFlare loads 30% faster and uses 60% less bandwidth. This improvement in performance is achieved by routing packets via more optimal paths, compressing data packets, and by automatic static content caching (i.e. images, javascript, css, swf, pdf, etc), saving you both CPU and bandwidth resources.

Because CloudFlare acts as a proxy, it can also provide some very good security features. It can:

  • Hide email addresses from bots while leaving them visible to humans.
  • Block known malicious threats from accessing your site.
  • Through server-side excludes, it can hide content you choose from suspicious visitors.
  • Referrer integrity checks protect your images from inline linking.
  • Browser integrity checks evaluate HTTP headers for threat signatures.
  • Provide a significant reduction in spam comments on your website or blog.
  • The threat control dashboard gives you the ability to see which threats have been stopped from accessing your site and the ability to block traffic from accessing your site by blocking the IP address, IP range, or by country.
  • CloudFlare will alert infected visitors.
  • By joining CloudFlare, you will help to inform infected human visitors that they need to take action. The CloudFlare system identifies new threats and gets smarter as more sites join.
  • CloudFlare uses data from a variety of third-party sources to identify online threats.
  • The analytics dashboard gives you stats for all the traffic to your site (threats, search engine crawlers, and visitors). It also has outbound link tracking so you can see where you’re sending the most traffic. If you use Google Analytics, CloudFlare does not affect any of your Google Analytic tracking.

CloudFlare does not impose any bandwidth limits. CloudFlare offers secure, redundant DNS with a simple and intuitive DNS management interface.

All of these features are free. Anyone may use the CloudFlare free plan, those who want more features or have more demanding high traffic websites may upgrade at any time to a paid plan directly from CloudFlare. See plan features here.

The benefits of using CloudFlare are impressive enough that we would encourage everyone to learn more about CloudFlare today. Click the CloudFlare icon in your cPanel, or visit for more info.

15 thoughts on “Introducing CloudFlare for Shared Hosting Customers”

  1. Excited to have Namecheap as a Certified Hosting Provider Partner!

    Matthew Prince
    CEO, CloudFlare, Inc.

  2. We activated Cloud Flare about a week ago. Before that our site was sometimes limited up to 28 times in a 24 hour period!

    But since using the free plan, and as of yesterday our site was only limited twice in a 24 hour period.

    I think Cloud Flare is great! Use it and see the resources usage difference.

  3. I have used Namecheap for what seems an eternity!! and very satisfied. But am going to look at this as well

  4. I was one of Cloudflare’s beta users and am completely sold on them. The few times that I have had any issues, they have resolved them in an amazingly quick period of time. Michelle Z has been a huge help and even when the problem was on my end, she has always been very willing to help!

  5. I tried using CloudFlare awhile ago, had problems, disabled it, then was encouraged to try again by its employees through Twitter. They seemed willing to help, so I am going to try CloudFlare again. I look forward to the benefits.

  6. ClouldFlare randomly puts a form with captcha which makes non-tech visitors confused. And it reduced my website visitors over 30%.

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