CISPA is Back

Privacy-invasive legislation has come back from the dead. This week marks the US Congress’ fourth attempt in four years to pass “cybersecurity” legislation. The recently introduced Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) strongly resembles 2012’s CISPA, which Namecheap customers helped fight and defeat.

CISA goes even further than CISPA did, granting companies more power to gather user communication data and turn it over to the government without a warrant, including sending info to the NSA. CISA also gives companies broad immunity to spy on and even launch countermeasures against potentially innocent users.

Want to get involved? Click here to read EFF’s full article on the issue and/or click here to email your US Representatives and let your voice be heard. CISA is moving through Congress right now – there’s no time to waste. Thanks for joining the fight for our online privacy and internet freedom.

23 thoughts on “CISPA is Back”

  1. Stop sharing information to the detriment of the general public. Big corporations are a menace to society

  2. It is not necessary to gether communicatin data user/public information. There is no use on spying on innocent people. I don’t know what happen to this country. stop this act.

  3. i think we have no Privacy. because CIA and DARPA use so high technology like teleportation / time travel since end of 1960’s.
    we are try to open there technology for everybody use to fix many current this planet problem.
    USA has so many secret. many other county open UFO document this 10 years, but not yet open by USA government. there is so many other technology are exits by many people live in other planet and other hyperspace and inside and around this planet also. not just only people live on surface of this planet.

  4. While criminals certainly need to be watched to protect innocent people of the society, it is the duty of the Government to ensure privacy for the common citizens. There needs to be a consensus between who need be watched and who need not be. The question is, how to achieve the consensus. A vicious circle?

  5. For those outside the US, one possibility to help fight this heinous act is to be active on social media and try to entice people to stop using US businesses like email/cloud providers, google services etc.
    The resulting economic pressure may change US legislators’ mind.

  6. I own the domain name (and .net) and I’m happy to set up some form of website with someone if it’s something you’d be interested in.

    Namecheap, drop me an e-mail if you’d like to sort something out, it’d be donated of course.

  7. Go all out. We now live in an age where big businesses and other organisations are trying get more power and influence on those with power than before and they seem to care even less on how they get it than they did before.

    Go here:

  8. Although I don’t live in USA, I can lay my voice in protest: Stop sharing information to the detriment of the general public.
    Big corporations are a menace to society

  9. Sharing information can be good, but it has to go both ways. Transparency is also good. But sucking data discretely and not sharing only serves those gathering the data. We all should be working for helping each other, and win-win.

  10. The main problem is not the constant need to fight this type of legislation.
    The problem is that it is possible to gather information in this way.
    When letters were forwarded by a third party (USpost) it was a criminal offence to try to access the content of a letter. Same thing when telephones appeared. It was a crime to listen to a phone conversation. Only exception was a court decision.
    What is the government doing today??
    This behaviour cause as much problems to the trust of internet communication as if the government should have read the letters and listened to the phones back in the time. It is what happen in a totalitarian state not a democracy and it would bring about the downfall of all such administrations.
    What we should do is to find technical solutions available to all people that makes it impossible to collect information in the way that is being done currently. And that technology is on its way.


  11. Invasion into our private lives must stop. The NSA has demonstrated that completely and ruthlessly delving into private citizens lives has no legal basis. Stop it now. Citizens can be patient but we have our limit.

  12. I didn’t wanted to pass last time I do not wanted to pass this time. The government is Too nosey already

  13. please follow the link to the petition made on the white house’s website. it requires at least 150 signatures before it is made public. please share this link to everyone you can think of. post it on your faceboooks, twitters, and ask them to share! it needs signatures NOW!! please!! thank you

  14. I live outside the US and have already begun to move to non-US services. If this bill was to pass that would be the final nail in the coffin. I simply wouldn’t use US services, buy or specify US networking equipment. Your government is bound to legislate for back doors into networking devices if it hasn’t already. It’s quite a shame really. The US has good services and good equipment. It even feels like some sort of weird betrayal of my many good American friends. However the US government has become extremely invasive and the passage of this bill will take that to a new level.

    Cyber criminals and terrorists aren’t stupid enough to use services they know can be exposed to government scrutiny. You’ll only end up catching each other and the really dumb crooks.

    I sincerely hope that US companies that depend on the Internet for their business get the message and put pressure on the government to stop this stupidity. The US isn’t the only option for Internet services. The rest of the world is suspicious of the US government as it is. This will just serve to drive more of us into the arms of non-US suppliers.

    Fight hard my American friends!

  15. Legislators stop this insane practice of violating our US constitutional rights. Remember that voting in elections still works and legislative habits have consequences. Stop the passage of this new bill called CISA.

  16. The word is MYOB. Mind Your Own Business and stay outta Our privacy cause We want freedom not someone spying on Us. Who are you to do so who gave you the rights to interfere in our online life. If you want to ask first not just take it without permission. That is very rude and it says a lot about your intension. Dun you have a life if you dun go get one!!!

  17. Actually… if you want to win this war and gain “FREEDOM” and “PRIVACY”,
    1. Stop using company services which located in the U.S.A.
    2. Use European service.

    Ugh… Namecheap is not european company :(
    (Currently, namecheap is my only-one “exception”. I always use european services.)

    USA is going downhill. Sad to see a great nation goes to a VERY wrong way.
    “Statue of Liberty” will start crying on their citizen… lol

    * Liberty … The condition of being free from restriction or control.

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