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CISPA Action Week – Sound the Alarm to Protect Privacy

This week is CISPA Action Week! At Namecheap, we’re proud to be at the forefront of raising awareness with EFF about CISPA with the #CISPAAlert program.
This time, we feel that the Internet community is the only force that can stop this privacy-destroying legislation.
Why are “we the users” the only ones left?
It’s quite simple. SOPA threatened to cut corporations off at the knees, preventing them from collecting payments and advertising online if they didn’t police potential infringement of Intellectual Property by their users.
Naturally, this policing came with a cost, a cost that no one wanted to incur.
CISPA addressed this problem head-on, and instead of threatening corporations into enforcing IP violations, it recruited them into the plan to share information at will and make privacy obsolete.
Under CISPA, corporations aren’t threatened with being cut off from processing payments or advertising.  Instead, they are granted broad immunity from liability that may arise from sharing a broad range of personally identifiable information with the government, so the government can investigate further.
Our CEO, Richard Kirkendall, said:

“Ask yourself this…if a company is legally immune from the consequences of sharing your identifiable personal information with the government, what incentive do they have to protect your privacy?”

The earnest and frightening conclusion to this development is that the people, the users, are the only remaining force that can resist the removal of any semblance of privacy we still have.
This is why we at Namecheap are spreading the word and urging every user of the Internet to:

We, the users, are the only ones left who can protect our privacy!

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