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Celebrate Small Business Month with Us

Small businesses around the world have been thrown into disarray because of lockdowns enforced almost everywhere. It’s been a challenging time for everyone, and it may be some time yet before things return to something that resembles normal.

What is Small Business Month?

We want to give a nod to small businesses everywhere, and give all the amazing entrepreneurs out there something back as they continue to negotiate these unprecedented economic times. Inspired by the UN’s Small Business Day later this month, we created Small Business Month. We are taking a moment to show our support, with great offers on products small business owners may need to keep their websites and businesses up and running. We’ve also thrown in some top business domains and deals for those looking to pivot, or start a new business.

Expert Summit 

Coupled with our promotional campaign, we’re also throwing in a collection of free seminars provided exclusively by Namecheap from June 16-22. Expert Summit is absolutely free to attend — for everyone. Learn tips, trends, insights, and view case studies from leading market experts, at your pace. Sign up now.

The Offers

These are the savings open for anyone to claim, but hand-picked especially for small businesses. 


It wouldn’t be a Namecheap sale without offering you some savings on domains. We’ve picked out some top domains and given you incredible savings.

  • .com $8.88 $6.98 — Save 21%
  • .net $12.98 $9.88 — Save 24%
  • .co $23.98 $3.88 — Save 84%
  • .store $48.88 $1.88 — Save 96%
  • .online $32.88 $1.88 — Save 94%
  • .biz $15.88 $3.88 — Save 76%
  • .shop $30.88 $2.88 — Save 91%
  • .services $26.88 $5.80 — Save 78%
  • .digital $27.88 $2.80 — Save 90%
  • .design $42.88 $5.88 — Save 86%

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SSLs and Security

We wanted to give you the chance to get your SSL Certificates, VPN, and other site necessities with huge discounts. 


Ideal for personal sites

  • 1 year $8.88  $7.88 — Save 11% — add years to save more
  • 2 years $7.88 $6.88 — Save 13% Total price: $13.76
  • 3 years $6.88 $5.88 – Save 15% Total price:  $17.64
  • 4 years $5.88 $4.88 — Save 17% Total price: $19.52
  • 5 years $5.88 $4.88 — Save 17% Total price: $24.40

PositiveSSL Wildcard 

One domain & all subdomains

  • 1 year $92.88 $63.88 — Save 31% — add years to save more
  • 2 years $88.88 $48.88 — Save 45% Total price: $97.76
  • 3 years $82.88 $43.88 — Save 47% Total price: $131.64
  • 4 years $76.88 $40.88 — Save 47% Total price: $163.52
  • 5 years $70.88 $36.88 — Save 48% Total price: $184.40

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Hosting & Private Email

We’ve made it even easier to move your hosting to Namecheap. This means you can use all savings on Stellar Plus Shared Hosting and EasyWP Managed WordPress to bring your site’s hosting over to us to save money going forward. 

Of course, if you don’t have hosting to switch and are starting a new project, you can also claim the hosting offers as normal.

  • Stellar Plus (Annual) $57.88 $22.44 —Save 61%
  • EasyWP Turbo (Annual) $68.88 $26.88 — Save 60%
  • Private Email Pro (Annual) $33.88  $22.02 — Save 35%

Switch your business email to Private Email for extremely competitive pricing, and a whole suite of business tools. Private Email makes it easy to set up and send emails from your domain (yourname@yoursite.com). 

Visit Small Business Month now

Powered By Namecheap

Have a new idea that you want to launch? It’s a tough time to start a new business, but equally, it may seem a good time for diversification in business for many. Powered by Namecheap is a new initiative that could see your new business idea get awarded a free domain, hosting, and SSL Certificate for a whole year on us. 

We are offering sponsorship throughout 2020 to multiple companies, so if you haven’t applied already, it’s quick and easy to find out more, and fill out the application form.  

Take a Moment . . .

Finally, offers aside, we’re asking that everyone take a moment to think about what it means to be a small business at this time. To appreciate the function and competition they provide the economy with, whatever their industry. Their existence does something new, captures a niche market, or does something tried-and-tested in a new and innovative way. We need them now as much as ever, and we’ll help them get through this!

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