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MoveYourDomainDay 2016

“It’s a combination of education and advocacy that lets regular people get involved in these pressing fights for liberty.”  – Rainey Reitman, EFF Activism Director   Namecheap’s fifth annual MoveYourDomainDay happens on February 2 this year. What Is MoveYourDomainDay? MoveYourDomainDay is an event we created 5 years ago in response to the growing threats against … Continue reading MoveYourDomainDay 2016

SAVE DOMAIN PRIVACY – Tell ICANN not to expose WHOIS data!

  Did you know that your privacy rights are currently under threat? ICANN is considering introducing a rule that would impact all netizens. If you care about your online privacy, this is a big deal. Under new guidelines proposed by MarkMonitor and other organizations who represent the same industries that backed SOPA, domain holders with … Continue reading SAVE DOMAIN PRIVACY – Tell ICANN not to expose WHOIS data!

MoveYourDomainDay 2015 is January 27

Here at Namecheap, we’re deeply committed to the concept of a free and open internet. In support of internet freedom for all, we launched MoveYourDomainDay in late 2011 and have kept the tradition alive every year since then. We’re proud to announce that MoveYourDomainDay will happen again on January 27, 2015. On that day, you … Continue reading MoveYourDomainDay 2015 is January 27

Dear FCC: Please Don’t Flush Away Net Neutrality

Here at Namecheap, we believe strongly in free and open Internet for all – and that’s why we think it’s vital to spread the word about net neutrality before it’s too late. Read on for more info! What’s net neutrality? Net neutrality is about equal treatment for all Internet users. It’s the idea that everyone … Continue reading Dear FCC: Please Don’t Flush Away Net Neutrality

CISPA is Back

Privacy-invasive legislation has come back from the dead. This week marks the US Congress’ fourth attempt in four years to pass “cybersecurity” legislation. The recently introduced Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) strongly resembles 2012’s CISPA, which Namecheap customers helped fight and defeat. CISA goes even further than CISPA did, granting companies more power to gather … Continue reading CISPA is Back

Let’s Reset the Net on June 5

Namecheap believes in every internet user’s right to privacy. That’s why we’re partnering with Fight for the Future on June 5th, in support of Reset the Net. Reset the Net is a day of action designed to end government surveillance online. The best way you can protect your customers’ privacy is with an SSL. That’s why … Continue reading Let’s Reset the Net on June 5