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The Fun Way To Boost Your Business While at Home

With people around the world tucked indoors, many of us have extra time on our hands. So it’s a perfect time to try out some fresh business ideas — be raring to go and ready to make the most of things when it all blows over.

One of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing and bring fresh business ideas to life is to work on branding for new or improved ventures. And what makes the strongest first impression for a business or product is logo design. The human mind processes images 60,000 times faster than words. This means that before people even start thinking, you have the opportunity to gain their interest. 

Most of you reading this will already know that you can now use Logo Maker software to create your own designs. Gone are the days where you have to pay for an expensive designer. But not all logo makers are created equal… 

logo design process graphic

A Good Logo Maker Should Be Fun

First, let’s look at the pitfalls. If you’ve tried one of the logo design apps before, you’ll know that this is how it typically works:

  • For almost any free logo maker, you’ll be asked to sign up / register with your email address. That means more marketing emails finding their way to your inbox (as if we didn’t all have enough of those).
  • Other logo makers call for payment if you want to download the file, which means you’re on the hook because you’ve already spent valuable time creating the design and don’t want to lose out.
  • Often logo maker free apps have very limited templates, so you don’t get to create something really unique, or precisely what you want.
  • With other logo creator apps, the design and customization process is complex or bumpy, which makes for frustration instead of enjoyment.

A good logo maker should be fun. Meaning easy to play with, to try out lots of ideas until you come up with designs that excite you. And once you have a few options, you should be able to easily refine them, with absolutely zero tech skills. After all, the whole point is to get creative, not to have to think hard or mess around with measurements.

It also makes things fun when you’re not having to sign up or pay to use the software tool, because then you can feel free to be as creative as you want, without limit. 

Something else to bear in mind is that a fun logo generator should let you download and share your design ideas freely. And it should also be a vector file, meaning it sizes automatically so you don’t have to deal with annoying pixel sizes every time you want to use your logo somewhere new.

hedgehog designing logo

How to Bring Your Ideas to Life

The Namecheap Logo Maker makes it really easy and fun to bring fresh business ideas to the world. And we’re not just saying that. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 — Add your company name, or a placeholder if you like (because you can change that later). As an option, you can also add your type of business to help the app give you suitable styles, but it’s not strictly necessary, as you’ll soon see…

Step 2 — For the next six screens, you’ll be given a choice of your business name in different font styles. The cool thing is that the app is designed to click through this section fast, capturing your deeper, emotional preferences. And each typeface style has super helpful descriptions. For example:

  • Serif: Serious, Classical, Traditional & Trustworthy
  • Sans-serif: Clean, Versatile, Friendly & Neutral
  • Thin Typeface: Sophisticated, Elegant, Soft & Humble
  • Medium Typeface: Neutral, Friendly & Trustworthy
  • Bold Typeface: Confident, Energetic, Immediate & Solid
  • Geometric Typefaces: Simple, Straightforward & Blunt
  • Unconventional Typefaces: Spontaneous, Vibrant & Creative
  • Funky Typefaces: Energetic, Friendly & Positive

Step 3 — You’re given six color palettes (each with a number of shades), along with their psychological impact: 

  • Blue: Friendly, Loyal & Peaceful
  • Green: Natural, Happy, Natural & Calm
  • Purple: Bold, Engaging & Vibrant
  • Pink: Intense, Warm & Romantic
  • Brown: Somber, Earthy, Solid & Natural
  • Orange: Cheerful, Vibrant & Happy

Step 4 — Now that you’ve got a good feel for your logo idea, you’re prompted to think about a slogan, based around the typeface and color palette you’ve chosen. Depending on your sector and business, examples are: ‘Fresh Innovation’, ‘Dynamic Engagement’, or ‘Trusted Repairs’.

Step 5 — Our Logo Maker gives you a wide range of icons to visually encapsulate your business idea. Have fun choosing images you like as they scroll by automatically. Or if you already have something in mind you can do a search. It could be anything, like ‘cat’, or ‘rocket’ or ‘tree’.

Step 6 — Unlike many logo makers which give you only a couple of templates, on our Results page you’ll be spoiled for choice with the vast amount of variations in styles, combinations, and colors. As you scroll down, simply click the heart buttons (no limit) to save the ones you like, so you can narrow them down later (there’s a ‘save’ button at the top right of the page).

Or you can share a few templates with friends to get their ideas — it’s as easy as a window opening to give you the template URL, which you can then paste into whatever channel or device you choose.

And when you see something you love, simply hit ‘download’ and a window will automatically open to your computer, so you can save the file where it suits you. There’s no annoying ‘Subscribe Now’ blocking your flow. You can download as many templates as you want.

Step 7 — We don’t stop at just giving you a huge number of template options. We want to make sure you can refine your choice to make it truly your own, without needing professional design skills. On the ‘saved’ page, narrow down your list by deleting the templates that aren’t spectacular. You can share it on this page too.

And when you click on any of your shortlisted logo templates, you’ll be directed to a new page which lets you flexibly play around with refinements. You can click the menu to change color, text style, slogan, icon, and layout. 

The awesome thing about the layout section is that when you scroll down, you can see your new logo design displayed on a business card, t-shirt, and website (both desktop and mobile). Talk about bringing your ideas to life.

The t-shirt layout visual is great for print-on-demand retailers. It means you can create and download a cool slogan and logo in minutes, with way less hassle and much more flexibility than most free design tools.

logo design on electronic devices and business cards


A quality free logo maker is just the ticket to keep your mind in a positive, creative place during your extra time at home. It’s one thing to call a logo creator ‘easy and fun’, but the proof is in the experience — this article walked you through each step of our logo design app, to demonstrate that we’re not just speaking empty words.

We also gave you a comparison of typical logo generator pitfalls, so you know what a genuinely fun logo maker is all about. You shouldn’t need any design or tech skills to create awesome results. See for yourself. The possibilities are endless and free.

Have a Logo But No Company?

We thought this might happen, what with you getting so creative on Logo Maker! But the good news is, we have a sale to help you save on your new business or website idea. Check out our #CreateFromHome to make huge savings across our product range.

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