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Namecheap has blacked out its website in protest of SOPA/PIPA bills

Namecheap has blacked out its website in protest of SOPA/PIPA bills that threaten the core principles of the Internet, joining other sites like Google and Wikipedia on January 18th to protest this upcoming legislation. Read the press release here.

In confirmation of our stance of SOPA/PIPA legislation, Namecheap has joined a major protest and blacked out its home page to raise awareness about SOPA/PIPA. While we still believe that protection of the intellectual property is important, we are confident that it shouldn’t be achieved by limiting Internet freedom with online censorship.

Our regular website will still be accessible during this blackout. We understand that our customers rely on Namecheap to run their own businesses, and we can’t turn off that functionality and shut that down. That’s exactly what SOPA/PIPA want to do, and we’re going to oppose that until the very end.

What are SOPA and PIPA?

SOPA and PIPA represent two anti-piracy bills in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate respectively. Both may have good intentions, but they are harming the core principles of the Internet: freedom and innovation.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation features an excellent explanation of how the bills violate the freedom of speech that serves as the foundation of the Internet.

Namecheap strongly encourages its US-based customers to contact their Representative or Senator, and its International customers to donate to organizations like EFF and to petition the State Department, to ensure that broad opposition to this proposed legislation rings loud and clear. Along with other companies listed on SOPAstrike.com, Namecheap also encourages everyone to spread the message on January 18th using Facebook and Twitter hashtag #SOPAstrike.

More information about SOPA/PIPA

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