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[Note: this article references the 2018 promotion. Find out about our 2020 Black Friday deals.]

It’s that time of year again—this Black Friday, brace yourself for our biggest sale of the year!
Soon you’ll be able to venture into the Namecheap Kingdom to play our Black Friday Game of Deals. Winners will leave with epic savings—up to 98% off!
Here’s a sneak peek at all the incredible offers you’ll encounter:

  • Up to 98% off Domains
  • Up to 97% off Hosting Packages
  • Up to 95% off Private Email
  • Up to 90% off SSL Certificates
  • Up to 82% off PremiumDNS

When Do the Games Begin?

The Black Friday Game of Deals promptly commences at 12 AM EST on November 23 and will run for 24 hours. The Cyber Monday Game of Deals will begin at 12 AM EST on November 26.
If you participated in our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Spectacular last year, the same rules apply this year:

  1. There are a limited number of deals available
  2. Two new deals launch every hour within a 24-hour time period

Add it all up and you’re looking at a total of 96 deals that await capture!

So, How Do I Play?

It’s all so easy! Just follow these simple steps:
1)   Log in first to your Namecheap account
2)   To view all available and hourly deals, visit our Black Friday/Cyber Monday landing page
3)   One hour before the promo begins, click on the “Log in and get ready” button, which takes you to our Live Coupon page
4)   On the Live Coupon page, you’ll have the opportunity to “claim” one of two deals*
*Depending on how fast these deals go, some might not be available to claim. Time is of the essence here, so act accordingly!

Helpful Tips for Your Journey Ahead

Be Prepared
Make sure you’ve created a Namecheap account and are logged in before the deals go live to increase your chances of capturing one! Remember, you can only claim these deals if you’re logged in.
Stow Your Coupons
When you’ve tracked down your deal, you’ll be issued a coupon which allows you 48 hours to check out. After this time, the coupon will expire and you will no longer be able to use it.
Enjoy the Journey
We’ll meet you back here on Black Friday, when the Namecheap Kingdom officially opens its gates to feature our epic Game of Deals!

The Namecheap Kingdom, Explained

Like any well-played game, the Namecheap Kingdom features distinct lands in which our different products reside.
The Mighty Mountain “Domain”
Discover unbeatable prices up to 98% off on a variety of TLDs (including the almighty .com), as well as massive savings of 82% on PremiumDNS. All compatible TLDs come with free domain privacy privacy protection for life. Hurry, these deals will slip away fast!
The “Hosting” Fortress
If you can navigate your way inside, you’re worthy of every deal you encounter, including 97% off our most-wanted hosting packages, which have a 99.9% uptime guarantee. As a reward, we’ll include a free .website domain.
The “SSL” Dragon’s Lair
Always on your side, our dragon fiercely protects what’s yours. Pick the precise moment to charm her, and you’ll receive up to 90% off SSL certificates, which give you secure https://status in front of your site, and help your site rank better in search engines.
The “Private Email” Eagle’s Nest
Even in a mythical kingdom such as Namecheap’s, secure messages must be delivered with great speed. Venture into the fabled Eagle’s Nest to score amazing deals on Private Email! Time it right, and you could save up to 95% on your subscription, and get 2 months free with all our plans!

Take a Well-Deserved Break

Every brave explorer needs a day or two of rest between adventures! Throughout the weekend, take a moment to check out the Black Friday coupons you gallantly managed to capture and don’t forget to redeem them within 48 hours.
Once you’ve properly rested, get ready to venture back into the Namecheap Kingdom on November 26 to embark on our Cyber Monday Game of Deals—with even more incredible offers and epic savings to be captured!
Bookmark our Black Friday/Cyber Monday landing page now!

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