Zero-Confirmation Transactions Now with Bitcoin

As we enhance our service offerings, we’re always looking to you, our customers, for feedback as to how to do it even better. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we changed our Bitcoin Add Funds feature to run Zero-Confirmation transactions. In a nutshell, this means that your Bitcoin transactions with Namecheap are practically instant.

In the past, we had several confirmations, and this delayed the time it took for funds to reflect in your user accounts. From today onward, there will be no delay and you can enjoy your Bitcoin experience on Namecheap just a bit more.

P.S. Did you notice that we now added the Bitcoin logo to the footer of our website? It’s for real, and we hope you try it out.

For more information on Namecheap and Bitcoin, please see this blog post.

23 thoughts on “Zero-Confirmation Transactions Now with Bitcoin”

  1. Well, you guys are certainly doing a good job building loyalty among us bitcoiners.

    Thanks for being so awesome and receptive to feedback!

  2. I moved all my websites and domains to NameCheap the day you started accepting bitcoin.

    This is a HUGE improvement. I’ll keep promoting this great service!

  3. I just added funds to my namecheap account with bitcoin, but it’s stuck at “Status Payment received. Waiting for confirmations” so I think someone pulled the trigger on this announcement a little early…

  4. Thanks for the response. Not keen on adding more funds… I’ll just wait, the domain transfer will keep while this sorts itself out. :)

  5. I’m glad you are on the list of products I’ve used that accept bitcoins. I don’t think buying something online can possibly get easier than the couple commands or clicks it takes to send a bitcoin transaction.

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  7. GREAT!
    I’d be happy if you follow mt.gox and also add Litecoin (i.e. LTC).
    In any case, I’m glad to be working with a service.that embraces cutting-edge technologies. Way to go!

  8. This is bullshit, it is not changed yet, i added funds to buy a domain after waiting for almost one hour still wating for confirmation, customer service’s response is “Unfortunately, most likely due to time differences the payment was submitted before the updates took place. Kindly be so kind to wait for the confirmations. The current transaction is being processed as normal. “

  9. I tried to purchase a domain tonight and it accepted my bit coin but $ not added to account…going on half hour now

  10. If you are encountering issues, please contact support. We have confirmation that it works, and we’ve done it dozens of times to test it, so it works. But it may not be foolproof, so please contact us directly and someone can investigate why that’s happening.

  11. Not working for me either, Still have to wait on confirmations. I’m with support right now, and this is what they said:

    14:02Alexander Za: We are sorry for inconveniences but those change are not yet fully in effect.

    I’m still happy with the service, but maybe take a look at the cases where it’s not working?


  12. Hi Doyle, we’re definitely investigating. Thanks and apologies for the inconvenience!

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