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Five Country Code Domain Names Open to All

Did you know that two-letter top level domain names belong to countries?
There are several types of top level domain names. Any time you see just two characters to the right of the dot in a domain name, the top level domain name represents a country.
These “country code” domain names sometimes come with restrictions on who can register them. For example, in order to register a domain name using Canada’s .CA, you have to be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or business.
Not all countries restrict their domains like Canada does. Some countries have decided to make their domain names available to all. Here are some of the most popular country code domain names without registration restrictions.

.AI Domains

.AI is the country code for Anguilla, a tiny British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean with just 15,000 residents.
Artificial intelligence companies have been snapping up .ai domain names in recent years because artificial intelligence is often referred to as simply AI.
Namecheap recently started offering .ai Domain names for registration. While .ai domain names don’t have registration restrictions, the minimum registration term is two years.

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.IN Domains

India’s .in country code domain name is popular because it makes a good domain hack or URL shortener. For example, LinkedIn uses the domain name Lnkd.in as a shortener.
Country code domain names sometimes cost more than other domain name choices, but .in is affordably priced at under $10 when you register one of these domains at Namecheap.
Can you think of ways to use .in in your business?
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.CC Domains

If you own a country club, conference center, or consulting company, Cocos (Keeling) Islands’ domain name is for you.
While .cc can be short for many things, it’s also a good generic extension to consider when the domain name you want is already registered in another extension.

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.WS Domains

The domain .ws is the domain name for Samoa. Even so, we’ve seen it used by many companies as shorthand for “web site”.
The domain has most recently been in the spotlight because it allows you to register Emoji as your domain name.
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.IO Domains

.IO is very popular with technology companies because of the tech I/O connotation, but this is actually the country domain name for British Indian Ocean Territory.
As proof that .io is popular, the domain name eSports.io sold for $40,000 in May! So be sure to grab yours while it’s still available.
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Does a Two-Letter Domain Extension Make Sense for You?

Two-letter country domain names might be a great choice for your business. They’re short, easy to remember, and are great for businesses that naturally fit with the two letters representing the country.
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