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Authy based 2-Factor Authentication Is Coming!

In today’s world we live so much of our lives online. We stay in contact with our friends. We shop online. We manage our finances online. And we run our businesses online. The security of our online world is of utmost importance to us, as individuals and as business owners.

At Namecheap, your security is hugely important to us. We want you to be able to experience the full breadth of the Internet securely and seamlessly. Which is why it has been a huge frustration to us here at Namecheap that we have only had 2-Factor Authentication via SMS and have not yet been able to deliver more secure 2FA to you.  I know that we’ve been promising that it’s coming for some time now.

Now, it is coming.
Over the past two and half years we have been doing the painful, yet vital, work to build a new technology platform that will enable us to bring new products and features to market much more quickly.
It will enable us to continuously adapt to your feedback about what you want and what you need: living up to our commitment to put our customers first. Prior to this, we’ve been operating on a technology system that was built from our birth 17 years ago. Our desire to deliver 2FA became victim to the limitations of this legacy platform.

We have offered 2FA via SMS. And we know that there are some limitations to that approach. We know that we have to do better.

We made the difficult decision to pause all new integrations and features until we could build and deliver a new platform that would set our technology development free. Finally, we are approaching the end of that process.

2FA was the most urgent priority that had to be sidelined while we built that capability. It is now first in the queue to be addressed. As CEO of Namecheap, I give you my commitment that we will deliver true 2FA within the next 60 days.

2FA is coming. Thank you for your patience while you’ve been waiting.

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