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CIO @ Namecheap, overseeing global infrastructure, cloud & hosting

Some security tweaks to our Web Hosting servers

We don’t normally comment, let alone write a blog post, on security issues as we’re firm believers in security through obscurity. This provides another layer of defense against any would-be hackers. However, a couple of recent changes on our hosting infrastructure do deserve comment because they may affect a small minority of customers in how … Continue reading Some security tweaks to our Web Hosting servers

Introducing CloudLinux to our hosting servers

Hello All, Over the past few weeks, we’ve been rolling out CloudLinux on our web hosting, business web hosting and reseller hosting servers. Many servers have now been upgraded and the remaining servers will be upgraded shortly. CloudLinux is a new Operating System designed to improve server performance and reliability.   What is CloudLinux? CloudLinux … Continue reading Introducing CloudLinux to our hosting servers

Namecheap’s new DNS infrastructure

As many of you are aware, we’ve been the unfortunate victim of some rather severe DDoS attacks in recent weeks and months. These are not something we’ve taken lightly so as well as mitigating and fighting against these attacks, we’ve also been making some improvements to our infrastructure. Our existing DNS infrastructure was based around … Continue reading Namecheap’s new DNS infrastructure

March Newsletter

Welcome to our March newsletter, complete with coupons, the inside scoop and more. We quietly launched a couple of new sites in recent months and would like to encourage their growth. We now have as our mobile site. Visit us from your iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Mobile device and enjoy domain registration on the move. We … Continue reading March Newsletter