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The .app TLD is Coming – with free Positive SSL!

There’s quite a buzz leading up to the launch of the .app domain coming May 8 at 12:00 PM EST. And rightfully so, as it’s set to become the industry standard for software and application developers. It’s distinctive and easy to remember. It’s ideal for app designers, industry professionals, and software enthusiasts alike.  

The .app domain also has a greater emphasis on website security. As the registry for .app, Google stipulates that HTTPS is a requirement for all .app websites. This means you will need to have an SSL certificate alongside your domain, but really, that’s a good practice no matter what your domain!

Our Offer For You

When .app launches on May 8, we’re offering you one year of PositiveSSL absolutely free with every .app purchased until June 8, 2018. You will receive an exclusive coupon within three business days of your .app purchase to claim your free SSL Certificate, normally priced at $8.88.

Why Choose the .app domain?

The .app extension immediately puts emphasis on your company’s app. With apps being such a huge part of nearly all successful businesses these days, a domain dedicated to your app makes good business sense. Many iconic brands use the .app extension and many more are destined to follow now.  The crisp, immediacy of .app also looks great on business cards and swag.

Because they are still so new, there are many choices available when it comes to finding the right .app for you, so make sure you get in early!

Little Extras That Go a Long Way

As with all our domains, we are also giving you free Domain Privacy and 2 free months of Private Email with each domain purchased. domain privacy means the personal information you give for your domain registration will be made invisible on the Whois database, and Private Email is perfect for managing email accounts you set up for your new site.
Make the most of our fantastic offer. Visit our website on May 8, 12:00 PM EST, to get your .app as early as possible, with free PositiveSSL.

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