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.AI – The Domain Of The Future, Today

The future is already here! It’s now easy to register one of the most popular domains for startups and artificial intelligence companies. That’s right,  .ai is now available from Namecheap— for the lowest price anywhere.

Why Register .AI Now?

With the recent push for innovation in the artificial intelligence and machine-learning space, top companies like Amazon and Google are branding their AI ventures using the .ai domain name. Demand for the .ai TLD, which started out as the local domain for Anguilla, has skyrocketed in recent months.
There are still many high quality .ai domains available to register, but they are going fast—so the time to get involved is now!
You will see .ai appear on Namecheap’s domain search as an additional TLD whenever you search for the price and availability of a domain.

Read more about what is an .ai domain name.

Get Some Inspiration

Many companies have chosen .ai to power their world-class brands. Check out self-driving car companies drive.ai and pony.aiboth prime examples of industry newcomers jumping onto the .ai trend. They join Internet giants Amazon, Microsoft, and Baidu, who already have their own .ai domains. Even Google uses an .ai domain for its artificial intelligence division: google.ai
With music.ai recently selling for over $100,000, there is serious money being invested in this relatively unexploited TLD. You can start looking into your .ai with Namecheap right now, so why not get ahead of the curve and register your .ai domain today!

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