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A Tale of Two Newsletters

Change can be a good thing, especially when the catalyst driving that change is the voice of our own readers. Listening to your feedback proves that we take your opinions seriously. We also hope it shows that we value your time and attention by ensuring that we give you what you need, when you need it.

Back in December, we ran a survey to find out what you think of our Newsletter, INSPIRE. Although we anticipated helpful responses, we were blown away by your constructive and insightful comments. Eager to measure up to your high standards, we started to re-work how we provide content, promotions, and deals to you.

You spoke. We Listened. So, now what? Changes are on the way. Here’s what you’ll notice going forward.

Two Are Better Than One

You told us: You’d like to see the Namecheap newsletter divided into two distinct versions, one featuring content and the other featuring promotions.

We listened: We’re excited to announce that two versions of our Newsletter have been created, INSPIRE and INSIDER, separately showcasing content and personalized product deals.

“We have some important changes in store for our readers,” says Clinton Wilmott, Email Marketing Manager at Namecheap. “Our current INSPIRE edition will be shifting focus to exclusively provide useful content, without ads — for those looking for helpful and relevant industry and Namecheap information. We’ll even start to include videos and podcasts, creating a more engaging learning tool. Plus, we’ll also be showcasing customers’ websites, which is an exciting addition for us and our audience.”

Personalized Product Deals

You told us: You’d like product deals specific to your needs, in a one-stop easy-to-find format.

We listened: Our product deals newsletter, INSIDER, has been designed specifically to alert our readers to the hottest deals and product updates.

“The new structure of our product deals newsletter will allow us to showcase deals and promotions tailored to our individual customers,” says Wilmott. “Without having to scroll through an array of content, you’ll have the latest deals and promotions before your eyes — providing you with the products you need and the savings you want.”

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Time-saving Design

You told us: You’d like easy-to-scan content that takes less time to read and is quick to digest.

We listened: Creating two newsletters, INSPIRE and INSIDER, allows us to condense our content, in effect making a more streamlined experience for readers.

“We get it. You’re busy, and time is money. Whatever your bandwidth, you’ll be able to quickly find what suits your needs without spending too much time looking through extra information or promotions. It’s taken some work, but we feel we’re on the right track,” says Wilmott.

We’re Here for You

We can’t wait to hear your feedback after you get a chance to experience both INSPIRE and INSIDER. After all, you helped us get to where we are now. If you’d like to share your thoughts on our new newsletter formats, please leave a comment below.

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