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5 mind-blowing AI tools for social media

Welcome to a world where digital wizardry gets social, fellow geeks and tech enthusiasts! Yes, this month, let’s explore the new realm of AI-powered tools that are revolutionizing social media management. 

In this article, we’ll uncover a treasure trove of AI tools that promise to level up your brand or business. We’ll take a look at Captions.ai, Munch, HeyGen, Synthesia.io, and, of course, RelateSocial from Namecheap. Each tool brings its own magic to the table, allowing you to cast a spell on your social media audiences. So sit back and join me as we uncover the secrets behind these enchanting tools.


In the bustling world of social media, where videos are the stars of the show, Captions.ai allows you to add snappy captions and subtitles to your YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels in a snap —and all from your phone.

Captions.ai allows you to record, caption, customize, and share up to a minute of video. It syncs captions with your voice as smoothly as a DJ mixes tracks. Within its built-in editor, you can easily clip, trim, and stitch videos, and dress up your videos with text, fonts, colors, and stickers.

To make all this magic happen, Captions.ai employs GPT-3 AI algorithms to generate video scripts in a flash. For creators who struggle to know what to say, this feature alone will definitely come to the rescue. There’s a teleprompter feature to ensure you never have to remember your lines again. Their AI Eye Contact feature will allow you to look your audience in the eye even if you don’t stare into the camera. And with multi-language support, you can expand your reach internationally.

However, like most AI-powered apps, Captions.ai offers speed and convenience at the expense of accuracy. Be sure to check the output to ensure there are no embarrassing mistakes. Also, for now, the app only allows for very short videos, so longer-form creators will need to look elsewhere. 


If you’re like most content creators, you have a thousand things to do, and editing long videos for social media can take a lot of time you’d rather spend on something else. That’s where Munch comes in, turning long-form video content into snack-sized portions. Think of it as your personal video editor, fishing out the juiciest, most captivating parts of your videos and turning them into vertical format clips. Munch isn’t just about slicing and dicing, either. It also generates captions and helps you share your content on social media.

Illustration of Munch

What’s really cool is Munch’s ability to know the current trends. Comparing your videos with insights from platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram boosts the chances that your content is not just seen but also loved and shared.

And Munch speaks your language – literally! With support for a host of languages, including Spanish, German, Hindi, and Japanese, it’s like having a universal translator for your videos, allowing your message to resonate across continents.

But Munch does come with a few caveats. The app’s AI-driven sorcery can feel a bit restrictive, not allowing you as much control over the final output as you might like. And since it’s cloud-based, there might be moments when it feels sluggish — more of a ‘7-course lunch.’ than a ‘munch.’ Plus, Munch only offers paid subscription plans, lacking a free trial for users to test its features.


HeyGen wants to be your personal language translator. Your videos up to five minutes long can magically speak multiple languages, complete with synchronized lip movements and voice adjustments. It’s like watching a well-rehearsed play where every actor knows their lines. 

HeyGen’s AI-driven text reader offers a range of human-like intonations and inflections. And for those who feel like scripting is a chore, HeyGen brings in ChatGPT as your personal AI scriptwriter, turning the video creation process into a breeze.

But HeyGen isn’t just about breaking language barriers. It can also help you create a range of diverse digital personas. You can choose from over 100 AI avatars or even create your own.

As for the downsides, HeyGen offers only two free minutes of translation. After that, expect to pay $29 a month for 15 credits. Again, like with other AI tools, accuracy can sometimes be an issue. Sometimes the AI avatars might display quirky facial expressions or distracting gestures. And occasionally, the lip-syncing avatars can get a bit out of sync.


Synthesia IO can turn your words into the stars of their own video show, making the creation of voice and video content faster, smoother, and more cost-effective.

Editing videos in Synthesia IO is as straightforward as tweaking a slide deck, so it’s great for beginners. Meanwhile, the AI voiceover feature is just as simple — one click and your text is transformed into a smooth, high-quality audio track. It’s like having a personal narrator who never gets tired. Plus, the platform also generates closed captions, making your videos as accessible as they are engaging.

Illustration of Synthesia

With over 120 languages at your disposal, you can craft videos that speak to people across the globe in tones that resonate deeply and authentically. Featuring over 140 AI avatars, Synthesia IO lets you represent every age, ethnicity, and style under the sun. 

However, Synthesia IO is not without its limitations. You’ll have to upgrade to pricier levels to fully utilize the app’s functionality. Additionally, while the AI voices are impressive, there can be occasional issues with robotic tones or pronunciation inaccuracies.


We know you’re crazy busy managing your business. With RelateSocial from Namecheap, we make your job a lot easier. Packed with nifty features like AI-generated content, custom AI images, and a treasure trove of free media, Relate Social streamlines the art of crafting captivating posts. Plus it’s a wallet-friendly alternative to big names like Buffer or Sprout Social.

The scheduling calendar and automation tools help you orchestrate your online presence with precision and ease. Plus, with insightful keyword tracking and analytics, you get to fine-tune your content to perfectly align with your brand’s voice and your audience’s interests.

RelateSocial offers AI-driven suggestions for customer interactions and a rich media library to keep your social feeds vibrant and engaging. The platform can sort audience activities, highlighting things like ‘Top performing posts’, so you can see what’s hitting the mark with your followers.

For those searching for fresh leads, RelateSocial’s lead finder and geo-targeting features help you discover potential customers and trends. When it comes to customer service, RelateSocial ensures you’re always on the ball, tracking comments and reactions so you can build a loyal and trusting audience.

It can even help with content creation. With RelateSocial, generating messages or images for your posts becomes a task you can tackle with speed and confidence, all while maintaining your unique brand style.

Bringing it all together: AI and social media management

In this journey through the realm of AI-powered social media tools, we’ve uncovered some truly innovative solutions, each with its unique strengths:

  • Captions.ai: Ideal for adding captions and subtitles to your videos, with features like AI avatars, eye tracking, and voice cloning to enhance your video content.
  • Munch: Extracts the most engaging clips from long-form videos, making it perfect for creating quick, impactful social posts.
  • HeyGen: A standout for translating videos into multiple languages using natural voice clones, ideal for global reach.
  • Synthesia IO: Because it turns text into videos with ease and provides a wide range of AI avatars and voices, it’s great for engaging video content creation.
  • RelateSocial from Namecheap: A comprehensive social media management tool that excels in AI-generated content and efficient post scheduling, making it a must-have for growing your business and engaging with your audience.

With these tools, you can take the first step to becoming an influencer by transforming your social media presence and shining like the superstar that you have always wanted to be. 

For more tips on using AI, check out our article about using AI tools for your web design process

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