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5 AI-powered apps to finish hours of work in minutes

We live in an AI-powered age, with popular tools like ChatGPT and Bing AI grabbing all the headlines. But what else is out there beyond the big names? As your resident tech geek, I’m on a mission to uncover the best AI apps designed to give your productivity a timely boost.

While AI dazzles with human-like conversations, its practical applications can simplify your workday. I tried out 5 game-changing apps to help you finish in minutes those tasks that used to take hours. From effortless meeting notes to rapid research reports, these AI assistants passed my test with flying colors.

Putting AI through its paces 

As a solo entrepreneur and website builder with a packed schedule, I don’t have time for tools that don’t deliver. Before recommending anything, I put these apps through their paces to assess if they measure up to my standards.

I considered criteria like:

  • Does the AI save me real time or just overpromise?
  • How accurate and helpful are the results?
  • Is the app easy and intuitive to use daily?
  • What are the pros and cons from a user perspective?
  • Is it worth the price tag?

Keeping those key questions in mind, here are the 5 AI apps that can unlock serious productivity power.

Undercover Geek tries Otter.ai

1. Summarizing meetings in seconds with Otter.ai

As a small business owner, meetings are a necessary time sink, but I despise notetaking. Otter.ai is an AI-powered app that generates automated meeting notes with scary accuracy, which should, in theory, save me a ton of time.

Otter.ai eliminates notetaking drudgery by turning meetings, lectures, and interviews into shareable, searchable transcripts. I put it to work in client calls, networking events, and conferences —  anytime I want to reference a discussion without painstaking notes.

Did it pass the Undercover Geek test?

Yes, Otter.ai passed my test! While not perfect, it takes meeting notes to the next level as an invaluable productivity booster.


  • Instantly creates shareable transcripts from meetings, lectures, interviews, etc.
  • Imports audio or notes from Zoom, Google Meet, etc.
  • Searches transcripts to jump to key moments.
  • Identifies different speakers automatically.
  • Securely stores recordings and notes.


  • Transcription accuracy drops in noisy environments.
  • Importing very long recordings can be glitchy.
  • Premium features like searching are paywalled.

Verdict: Otter.ai won’t replace human notetaking entirely. But for automated meeting summaries, 

it’s a game-changing timesaver.

2. Generating reports in a flash with Jasper.ai

Research reports are a necessary evil, requiring extensive reading and writing. Jasper.ai makes report creation painless by generating polished documents just by describing needs.

Jasper.ai eliminates the drain of researching, analyzing data, and crafting summaries. I tell it what I need in plain English, and it returns formatted, cited reports in minutes. The results amazed my research-loathing brain.

The AI writing tool is intended to produce professional-quality research reports that would typically require extensive manual effort. For instance, if a business user needs a competitive market analysis comparing several companies, they could describe this request in plain English to Jasper.ai.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering — how does it compare to ChatGPT? Well, Both whip up content from scratch to save you research and writing time. But Jasper’s an ace at crafting detailed reports, while ChatGPT’s better for kicking back and chatting.

So, in a nutshell, Jasper.ai rules for structured business research, and ChatGPT’s better for free-flowing conversations. 

Did it pass the Undercover Geek test?

Yes, Jasper.ai passed with flying colors. It delivers excellent on-demand reports through easy natural language prompting. With practice, it’s an unbelievable game-changer.


  • Created customizable reports covering various topics.
  • Asks clarifying questions if the initial prompt is unclear.
  • Sources timely statistics, facts, and images to support key points.
  • Checks for grammar, spelling, and logical flow.
  • Provides appropriately cited sources.


  • Requires careful prompt framing to get good results.
  • Only generates content in English currently.
  • Custom styling options are limited.

Verdict: For research writing on demand, Jasper.ai boosts productivity tremendously despite some limitations.

Undercover Geek captioning videos

3. Captioning videos in a flash with Descript

As a YouTube creator, writing and syncing video captions devoured my time. Descript uses AI to automatically transcribe audio and add captions with little effort.

No more wasting hours transcribing lectures, tutorials, conference talks, or podcasts. Descript analyzes the audio file and generates a text transcript complete with captions. It’s a huge boost for video accessibility, too. 

Did it pass the Undercover Geek test?

Descript passed with ease for generating instant video captions. With some minor editing, it’s a quantum leap in productivity.


  • Creates captions for podcasts, YouTube videos, lectures, and more.
  • Edits generated captions easily if needed.
  • Transcribes clear, accurate captions even with background noise.
  • Exports captions in .srt, .vtt, .txt, and other formats.


  • Transcription accuracy suffers with heavy accents.
  • Doesn’t punctuate sentences or capitalize properly.
  • Lacks ability to stylize captions.

Verdict: Descript eliminates the video captioning time drain. Despite small errors needing fixes, it’s a true timesaver.

4. Simplifying task management with Fireflies.ai

As a solo entrepreneur, staying on top of my workload and pipeline is a constant battle. Fireflies.ai takes the pain out of task management with AI-powered automation.

Fireflies.ai eliminates the hassle of tracking tasks, deadlines, and team member availability. Its intelligent algorithm schedules tasks automatically and integrates with my other tools like Slack and Gmail.

Did it pass the Undercover Geek test?

Yep. Fireflies.ai passed as a powerful task management assistant. Despite a steep learning curve, its automated scheduling, assigning, and integration make workloads smooth and organized.


  • Assigns tasks to correct team members automatically.
  • Intelligently schedules tasks and meetings.
  • Integrates with tools like Slack, Gmail, and more.
  • Allows easy reassignment, rescheduling, and status updates.
  • Provides an overview of team workload and schedules.


  • Steep learning curve for extensive features.
  • Reporting functionality is lacking.
  • Mobile app needs work.

Verdict: For streamlining complex team tasks, Fireflies.ai is a robust AI solution with some fixes needed.

Undercover Geek using AI to clear inbox

5. Prioritizing your inbox with SaneBox

My inbox is a bottomless pit of distractions destroying my productivity. SaneBox uses AI to filter out unimportant emails automatically.

SaneBox eliminates the headache of an overflowing inbox by separating trivial emails like receipts and notifications. It surfaces only priority emails so I can focus on messages requiring action.

Did it pass the Undercover Geek test?

SaneBox passed the test by instantly organizing my chaotic inbox. By clearing away clutter, I can finally see and respond to meaningful emails efficiently.


  • Moves trivial emails like receipts into a separate folder.
  • Surfaces priority emails so you focus on what matters.
  • Learns from your actions to improve over time.
  • Integrates workflows with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and more.
  • Offers customizable rules and settings.


  • iOS app needs improvement.
  • Set-up can be time-consuming.
  • Not designed for advanced email users.

Verdict: If email overload buries your productivity, SaneBox provides an AI lifeline to an organized, effective inbox.

Embrace the AI productivity revolution

The age of AI is here, and these apps prove it can boost real productivity for actual humans like you and me. While AI can’t replace human intelligence completely (yet!), it takes care of tedious tasks efficiently.

The key is choosing AI tools that enhance your strengths rather than overly relying on algorithms alone. Used wisely, AI can free up time for more meaningful work.

Why not give one of these apps a test run? Unlocking your productivity potential is just a download away. The future is here, and with the right AI by your side, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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