2nd Annual Move Your Domain Day: You Raised $44k!

Namecheap’s 2nd Annual Move Your Domain Day exceeded expectations. We donated $44,000 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation to help continue the fight for an Open Internet. The infographic below summarizes the events and shows the impact of #myddnc.

Thanks to everyone for making it a huge success!


Click here for large size

7 thoughts on “2nd Annual Move Your Domain Day: You Raised $44k!”

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  2. That’s great to hear. Thanks Namecheap for not being like others and continuing helping in the internet freedom.
    Namecheap rocks, to hell goes the old daddy :)

  3. It’s very cool that NameCheap is doing this. I was surprised to find this little cute infographic. I’ll have to post it on Pinterest or do something like that to help out…

  4. Thanks for serving an open internet. Great to support a registrar who is working for freedom of communication. Now if we could only work toward Climate Change and Global Warming.

  5. Hurray! Good all the way ’round. Glad to have transferred a billion (or maybe 20) domains that day. Feel they’re in much better (registrar) hands now.


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