BREAKING: Namecheap to Double EFF Donation

Our CEO Richard Kirkendall has just released the following statement:

We are ecstatic at the response we have received from the Internet community. The Internet is speaking and we’re proud to facilitate that and at the same time help a wonderful organization such as EFF in their fight against SOPA. That being said, if we hit 25k transfers today, we’ll double our donation to EFF.

That’s right…if we reach 25,000 transfers with the SOPASucks code today, Namecheap will DOUBLE the donation to the EFF to $2/domain.

Help the EFF fight SOPA, PIPA and other overbroad, ill-considered legislation and participate in Move Your Domain Day!

12 thoughts on “BREAKING: Namecheap to Double EFF Donation”

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  2. Got to say Rich, really thought that you, NC and the rest of the newer resellers would lay down, roll over and play puppy dog to the SOPA suggestions.

    Having seen the big and small, come and go over the last 25+ years on line, I am SO, SO IMPRESSED with your stance on this.

    So much so, that yesterday we initiated the TRANSFER offer you have, to our WHOLE network of affiliates and resellers, just to show that the Internet was born to be free and will die FREE as well.

    People have choices in life, the domain name industry back in the day of NetSol & 2 other providers proved that for many years.

    Having Namecheap actually support their customers past,present & future reminds me of the good old days of the internet, keep this up and you will soon overtake the GD cashcow :-)

    I met you a long time ago Rich, when you first started out, you have had hiccups along the route, but you have stayed true to your crazy beliefs and that is why you are succeeding online in the DN business.

    I hope you hit the 25k target and maybe that will show n00bs to the web the power of good old fashioned HONESTY :-)

    Love Va

    PS: I have included a link for someone else that could do with a little help to buddy!

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  4. These donations are the silver lining in our move to NameCheap. We’ve gotten no response on support tickets, very slow chat responses, failed transfers, page errors during transfer process, incorrect whois data used for transfer and data that was used was placed in wrong fields (address placed as fax number), hung up on during chat, etc. so knowing that there was a few bucks given to EFF before we move away from NameCheap in 60 days is the one good thing that has come out of our move here.

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