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We’re Celebrating You—Our Namecheap Superheroes!

On October 10th, we celebrated turning 17 years oldbut we wanted our celebrations to be around you, our customers. With that in mind, a few weeks ago, we turned our heads to the skies.
No, we didn’t take up a course in astronomy. We’ve been looking for something altogether more elusive than stars or planets.
We sought out what we have dubbed our Namecheap Superheroes—our own customers who use Namecheap products to do something great and to make their business extraordinary.
The call went out to find people who use Namecheap to bring their ideas and dreams to life.
What we found were people who help to shape an ever-changing internet, who devote their lives to helping others, or who simply use Namecheap to do what they do best.

The Results

We were moved by the incredible stories we’ve heard from our customers.
So, without further ado, here’s our first batch of Namecheap’s Everyday Superheroes. We’ll let them introduce themselves!

Gerard’s Specialty Foods

Gerard's Specialty Foods
My late husband and Master Pastry Chef Gerard Burg owned a business in Toronto called We Make It; You Bake It. This is how we thought of our website name ubakestrudel.com. Gerry and I married in 2009; he was 75 and I was 69.
We decided to come to Lake Cowichan and retire, but instead, when we got here, we started a business. He was previously a Master Pastry Chef and had 60 years of experience.
Gerard always wanted to produce his beef strudels, which he created some 50 years ago in Holland. Gerry knew that his unique Puff Pastry (that he invented aged 19 in Amsterdam) was something special. We knew it would be absolutely unique to our new business.


GlobeMed helps young leaders build the courage and ability to address health and social justice issues. We are a non-profit that was established over ten years ago by an awesome group of students who deserve all the accolades they get.
We provide education and leadership training for over 2,000 students in 59 university chapters, each of which is partnered with a grassroots organization in Africa, Asia, or the Americas.
Through these partnerships, students support local health projects while learning from grassroots leaders and a diverse network of peers.

Greatland Farms

Greatland Farms is an Agri Business. We are an indoor vertical farm, growing fruits and vegetables in an indoor setting. We use a hydroponics system to deliver the proper nutrients to the plants. For lighting, we use LED lights, which produce the right wavelength of light to most help the plants.
We tackle the problem of bringing fresh food to local markets, mainly in urban settings (such as Detroit), where there isn’t that much viable land to farm on.
By being an indoor farm (also called a warehouse farm), we are able to grow more food than traditional farmers while using fewer resources, with the added bonus that it’s local.


I am the developer behind Pushpad, a service for web push notifications. I developed Pushpad while I was studying CS at University in Italy. I’ve got a Master’s degree cum laude thanks to this project.
Unlike some competitors, Pushpad respects user privacy and doesn’t track their activity to resell their data.
Pushpad was made with love by me. I started developing it two years ago. Now there are many happy customers, and Pushpad is one of the most popular services on Google for the query “web push notification service”.

Celebrate with us!

What we included above are just brief glimpses into our customer stories. We invite you to read the full stories on our website.
We know we’ve only scratched the surface of finding the everyday superheroes that use Namecheap.
And our search isn’t over! Keep sending us your stories to be in with a chance of becoming a future Namecheap Superhero!

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