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15 Reasons to Use a Business Card in 2020

Business cards have been an indispensable business tool since the 15th century. Hundreds of years ago the Chinese used “calling cards” to inform people that they intended to visit, and European merchants used miniature trade cards for advertising purposes. 

Today, business cards still have a vital role in passing professional information and establishing lasting connections. 

Even as other areas of business go digital, the business card is a universal mainstay the world over. And that’s not going to change any time soon. Read on to find out why you need to create a business card in 2020.

Why You Should Make A Business Card In 2020

Here are 15 reasons why you should welcome this small but mighty paper rectangle into your business arsenal in the coming year.

1. Business cards create a credible and professional image.

Do you want to convey that you’ve got your act together? A business card does just that. Having a set of business cards shows you are prepared and care about appearing professional and making connections. It also provides new contacts with a physical record of who you are and how you can be contacted, which is a lot quicker than typing someone’s details onto a mobile device.

2. Business cards are a vital networking tool.

More and more networking is happening online. But that still hasn’t replaced networking in person, particularly when it comes to establishing long-lasting relationships with professionals in your field. This is why it’s vital to have a tangible tool containing your most important information. 

When you’re speaking with someone face-to-face, no digital alternative can replace the act of physically handing them something to remind them of the meeting. Granted, while business cards can get lost in their pocket or bag, digital information is even easier to lose track of in their inbox or calendar. Using both means to network increases your chances of staying in touch.

3. Many people still expect business cards.

People who attend networking events expect you to have a business card. Clumsily writing out your email address on a napkin or sticky note isn’t going to make the best first impression. At worst, it will mark you as being both unprofessional and unprepared. With business cards, you can exchange key information with a potential client or connection in no time at all.

4. They provide a quick and convenient means for people to contact you.

Business cards are just convenient. If you meet a potential connection and you don’t have time to stop and chat, a business card can bridge that gap. Plus, business cards don’t only have to be handed out in person. You can leave cards at local businesses (often at the reception counter, or bulletin board), where future clients or leads can find them and get in touch with you.

5. Business cards are accessible from anywhere.

The great thing about business cards is that they’re in no way dependent on technology to work. If you happen to be attending a conference somewhere the Internet connection isn’t great, you won’t be left unable to exchange contact details with someone because a QR code or your email app isn’t working. It’s also worth remembering that while it may seem like everyone is constantly connected online, not everyone does have a smartphone. 

6. Business cards can boost lead generation.

Business cards can help you win new clients. But to do this effectively, you — if not your business card — need to offer something of value to people. Generally, business cards should be shared only after you’ve made a genuine connection with someone, or you’ve made a powerful pitch. 

Include details on your card about your unique selling proposition (USP). This could be anything from an impressive stat about your business, tips, and tricks, or a helpful checklist. Think about what you can offer people that your competitors can’t. 

7. Business cards simplify direct marketing and can help boost sales.

In a world of SEO, PPC, email and social media marketing, there’s something to be said for face-to-face marketing. When you have a business card handy, prospective leads are likely to remember your pitch more than a randomly-placed digital advertisement or unsolicited email. Furthermore, including a special offer or discount code on the back is a great way to convert leads and boost sales. 

8. Business cards will bring your brand to life.

Business cards are an extension of your branding, whether it be personal or business, so you should take the time to make sure your card fits your company’s professional identity. The colors of your card should be in line with the colors used on your website and other promotional materials. Give some thought to the fonts you use. Personalize your card further with a business tagline and a cool custom logo. 

By using the same elements throughout your branding, people will begin to connect it with you and your company over time, making it more memorable. 

hedgehog and chicken making a personal connection

9. They can help you make a great first impression and help people remember you.

A high-quality business card will help you and your brand make a great first impression — with the emphasis being on quality. Think of your business card as an extension of your professional image. If your business card looks cheap or is printed on shoddy cardstock it will reflect badly on you. A well-designed business card printed on quality paper shows that you care about your business. 

10. You can make meaningful connections and build professional relationships.

If you’re smart about the content you include, business cards make your business seem more human. More than just seeing the person connected to the usually faceless business, this is an opportunity to make it easy for people to contact you and really offer them something of value. This makes business cards an effective starting point for building and maintaining good connections with contacts. 

11. They’re portable and easy to store.

Unlike other hard-copy marketing materials like pamphlets or fliers, a stack of business cards is easy to transport, and a single business card is easy to keep. While a pamphlet is likely to be discarded, the standard size of a business card is 3.5 x 2 inches — the perfect size for slipping into a wallet or pocket. This means that a potential connection may well hang on to your business card well into the future and get in touch at a later date.

12. In some cultures, it’s inappropriate not to use business cards.

While the exchange of business cards is somewhat of a ritual the world over, in some cultures you won’t just seem unprofessional if you don’t have one, but you may even cause offense. For instance, in Japan, a business relationship cannot begin until you have exchanged business cards.

13. A memorable business card stands out and makes you more referable

A business card will help you stand out from those who don’t have business cards. But a stylish, well-designed business card will stand out among a stack of business cards collected at a conference or trade show. 

Sometimes connections won’t only keep your card to themselves; they may even pass it on to other, more relevant people in their network, thus creating career opportunities you might not even have thought of. This is another reason to make sure your business card is of good quality and design — you don’t want connections to be too embarrassed to share with a potential lead because it’s unprofessional or cheaply made. 

14. Business cards are cost-effective

When compared to other marketing materials and branding strategies, business cards are a pretty affordable way to promote yourself. This is especially the case if you decide to design and order your business cards using Namecheap’s Business Card Maker.

15. You will always be prepared to make a connection

The portability of business cards means that you can carry a set with you at any time, not only when you’re attending corporate conferences or networking events. You never know when you’re going to meet a valuable contact. Whether you’re attending a family party or on vacation, having a business card or two in your back pocket may turn out to be of great benefit. 

By now, you’re probably well-convinced of the benefits of business cards and want to make your own. But where do you begin? 

If you want to make a set of professional, high-quality business cards for affordable prices, we recommend Namecheap’s Business Card Maker. No design experience is necessary with this easy-to-use tool — you can create and order stylish business cards in just a few minutes. It’s free to start designing, and you pay only for the high-quality printing (which is far more competitively priced than the leading online printers!). 

For more information about getting started with business cards and what kind of content you should include on yours, check out our handy guide on how to make business cards as well as our infographic, below.

infographic on 15 reasons to use business cards

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