10 Domains that Sold for Over $1 million

Good domain names can be worth big bucks!

Here are ten domain names that have sold for over a million dollars and the companies that bought them.

LA.com $1.2 million

Tribune Publishing Company, which owns the L.A. Times, bought LA.com earlier this year. A “coming soon” page says that people will be able to get @la.com domain names when the site launches.

Jade.com $1.25 million


CDN Jade Mine Resources, a Canadian jade miner, paid big bucks for this domain name. It currently forwards it to its main website, JadeMineResources.com.


Whisky.com $3.1 million


The whisky seller that owns Whisky.de (a German domain name) bought this domain name. It hosts an informational site about whisky.


IG.com $4.7 million


IG Group specializes in spread betting. It placed a big bet on this short domain name, paying $4.7 million to acquire it in 2013.


Candy.com $3.0 million


Rich Schwartz, a famous domain name investor, sold this domain name to a group looking to launch a new online candy store. In addition to $3 million in cash, the company paid royalties as part of the deal.


Auction.com $1.7 million


Home auctioneer Real Estate Disposition Corporation upgraded its domain name from USHomeAuction.com to Auction.com after buying the domain name in 2009. It is now part of a company called Ten-X.


Toys.com $5.1 million


Toys ‘R’ Us bought this domain name in a bankruptcy auction for eToys in 2009. Right now the domain name just forwards to ToysRUs.com, which seems like a big waste for a great domain name like this.


Z.com $6.8 million


Remember the Nissan Z? After Nissan decided to stop producing the car, it sold the domain name Z.com to a Japanese internet firm.


Vodka.com $3.0 million


Domain name investor Roy Messer sold Vodka.com to Russian vodka company Russian Standard in 2006.


Branson.com $1.6 million


Branson is a small town in Missouri, but it’s a big destination for entertainment.


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Andrew Allemann is editor of Domain Name Wire, the longest-running blog covering the business of domain names. Domain Name Wire has covered the business of domain name investing for over ten years.


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