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Do you have a small business with great products or services, but not enough customers? The fastest way to get website visitors is Google ads. But getting successful results while staying within budget is hard to figure out. Advertising agencies? They’re expensive, especially on top of your ad spend.

Ads Manager is an easy, affordable way to get a steady stream of interested new customers. It does most of the work, so you can stay focused on growing your business. Google online marketing doesn't need to be difficult or high cost.

  • Multiple ads in one go
  • Manage ad spend easily
  • Get automated monitoring
  • Compare competitor ads
  • Target the right customers
  • Simplified Dashboard
  • $100 credit on ad spend
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Easy Ads Manager

For many busy small business owners, dealing with Google pay per click advertising (PPC) can be daunting. Choose a tool that acts like a dedicated ad agency, but simpler, faster, and a fraction of the cost.

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Ads Manager analyses your industry and business, then gives you keywords and multiple high performing ad examples. Do some fast edits to make them your own. Add links to increase conversion. Compare with your Top 3 competitors. Done in minutes.

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Easily decide your ad spend each month, with clear guidance on what results each budget amount can deliver. Flexibly choose and adjust the spend on your Google ads management, to suit your changing business needs and goals. Clarity and control.

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Your PPC management Dashboard gives you a final overview of all your ads, so you can finetune. Multiple ads let you test what works best. Poor performance ads are automatically removed so they don’t waste money. Low risk, with high returns.

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  • Multiple ads in one go
  • Insert website links
  • Top ad examples
  • Top 3 competitors
  • Keyword insights
  • Automated monitoring
  • Ad budget guidance
  • Ad spend flexibility

Why use a PPC management tool?

On average, people are 50% more likely to make a purchase using a pay-per-click ad.

Only 6% or less consumers click on page two search results.

Make sure your online marketing gets seen.

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Boost your sales with fresh offers and trending topics, because you can build ads yourself, in minutes. Get multiple successful ad examples, based on your business and industry (with Google you only get one sample). Outperform competitors.

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Small businesses don’t have large pay per click advertising budgets. Automated removal of badly performing ads means you no longer have to worry about throwing money away. And with the budget spend tool, you always know what to expect.

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Google ads management constantly analyses your industry’s best performing ads and search keywords. These insights clarify what works, so you can finetune your advertising and maximize your return on investment. No more hit-and-miss guesswork.

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Never miss a beat. You can add your Top 3 competitors to your Dashboard, so you always know what ads they’re sending out. Keep up to speed with the promotion campaigns they’re running, so you never lose customers to more attractive offers.

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Boost your ad conversion with a flexible range of call-to-action (CTA) add-ons, at no extra cost. In one click you can insert your phone number, link to your Google Map address, and link to any of your website pages to enhance your online marketing.

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Because you can make ads fast and get clear performance reports in a simplified Dashboard, it's easy and inexpensive to run Internet advertising tests. Find out what ads work best and when, so your business sees constant growth.

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Frequently asked questions

PPC is a form of internet marketing. The way it works is you pay a fee every time someone clicks on one of your online ads. A popular form of PPC is search engine advertising (SEA) — you buy an ad that will appear at the top of the search engine page result, when people type in the keywords that your ad uses.

This means more people will see what your business offers (most consumers don’t scroll lower than the top five listings on search result pages). And because your ad matches the keywords they’re already searching for, they’re very likely to click the ad which takes them to your website, where they will get to know your brand. In other words, you’re buying visits to your online business.

Our Ads Manager is designed for smaller businesses that are new to Google’s pay per click advertising. You’ll find the Dashboard easier to understand, with less clicking around, and no features you don’t need getting in the way.

On the Google Ads platform, you get one advertisement example. Ads Manager gives you multiple high performing examples, plus you can add your Top 3 competitor ads. This practically guarantees your ability to create a number of successful ads in minutes. Then you can refine them even more by seeing which of your ads perform best.

A third major reason is ad spend. One of the biggest problems small and inexperienced businesses have with Google Ads management is it’s easy to spend large amounts of money without reaching new customer targets. Ads Manager shows you what results you can expect with each budget choice you select. It also removes badly performing ads automatically.

Ads Manager gives small businesses successful Internet advertising in 3 fast, easy steps, with no experience needed.

Your Ad credit is provided automatically after your advertising spend for the first 30 days. So, to get your credit, start your advertising — the costs of your Google ads in the first 30 days will be matched with a credit of the same amount, up to the value of $100.

This PPC software uses artificial intelligence, which constantly data mines Google ads performance in your industry, as well as your ad campaign activity. So it’s able to predict ad results, highlight the most successful ones, and make suggestions for improvements. A pay-per-click management service like this does most of the heavy lifting for you.

We also offer Review Manager (control what people are saying about your business), Social Media Manager (engage with customers) and Local Listing Manager (make sure people can find your store). All from easy to use Dashboards.

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