Namecheap joins the Battle for the Net protest on July 12

Join Namecheap on July 12, 2017 for Battle for the Net, a worldwide day of action in support of net neutrality and Internet Freedom.

Namecheap has signed on with Fight for the Future’s day of action to call attention to recent efforts within the United States Congress and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to roll back Internet protections and net neutrality.

To show our support for the Battle for the Net, Namecheap will display a special notice on our homepage on July 12.

We’re taking action to help galvanize support for net neutrality. With Battle for the Net, Namecheap joins with hundreds of other companies and organizations, including Amazon, Netflix, Reddit, GitHub, and Etsy, to stand up against the rollback of basic online protections.

This press release was published on July 04, 2017

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