Namecheap Welcomes the Drupal Association

To support Namecheap's opposition of SOPA and PIPA and to help preserve the open web, the Drupal Association has decided to move its SSL certificate to Namecheap.

After Namecheap, the leading domain name registrar, web host, and SSL certificate provider, stepped up against SOPA and PIPA in 2011, hundreds of new companies joined Namecheap's family, including the Drupal Association, which has elected to move its SSL certificate to Namecheap.

Namecheap has donated over $64,000 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation to help the organization fight for our digital rights. Namecheap also blacked out its front page on January 18th, urging US customers to petition their government officials to ask them to shelve both acts in the House and in the Senate.

"Namecheap is proud to stand behind our intellectual freedoms on the Internet," Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall said. "We continue to support the fight against overbroad, ill-considered legislation. We strive to support the open web and build awareness around issues that may curb the liberties that serve as the foundation of the Internet."

In the last week of December alone, Namecheap's stance against all overbroad, ill-considered legislation and keep the web open and free resulted in over 80,000 inbound domain name transfers in addition to thousands of new hosting customers and SSL certificate purchases. In early January, the Drupal Association joined the Namecheap family, and Namecheap is pleased to welcome them.

“The Drupal Association is pleased to switch the and Drupal Association SSL certificates from GoDaddy. We received new certificates from Namecheap because we value their commitment to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and their stance against SOPA and their desire to keeping an open web,” said Jacob Redding, Executive Director of the Drupal Association, which hosts DrupalCon. “It is important for our organization to align with others who share our community's values. With almost 7 million unique visitors a month, a thriving developer community and thousands of registrations a year to one of the largest open source tech conferences, DrupalCon, our partners are hugely important to our project's success."

Namecheap is pleased to continue its relationship with the Drupal Association and urges everyone to continue standing against SOPA and PIPA to keep the web open and free.

About Namecheap

Namecheap is a Los Angeles-based ICANN accredited domain registrar founded in 2000 by CEO Richard Kirkendall. With over 500,000 clients and millions of domain names under management, Namecheap is one of the top domain registrars in the world and also offers web hosting services. Find out more by visiting us at

About The Drupal Association

The Drupal Association is dedicated to helping the open-source Drupal CMS project flourish. Powering millions of websites and software applications, from personal blogs to the largest enterprise applications, Drupal is free, flexible, and extremely robust. It is constantly being improved by a community of hundreds of thousands of passionate people from all over the world. The Drupal Association provides the support, infrastructure and funding to grow the Drupal Community and help with online collaboration at The Drupal Association hosts and supports conferences and camps around the world including DrupalCon Denver to be held March 19-23, 2012. Funds to support these programs come from memberships, sponsorships and donations. To learn more about the Drupal Association, the Drupal Project, and how to get involved and contribute, visit

This press release was published on February 03, 2012

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